La Salle, Illinois
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My biggest complaint is the width of the parking spaces at the Peru, IL store. I have never visited other Menard's Locations so cannot say if this is commonplace for all Menard's locations or not.

I drive a full size Pick-up truck as do more than 75 percent of your customers. The spaces at Peru are perfectly sized for my wife's PRIUS, we can actually open the doors wide enough to get in and out of her Prius fairly easily, but NOT TRUE for my 1500 Silverado. It makes NO SENSE to me why your HOME IMPROVEMENT company sizes parking spaces for small vehicles or smart cars.

The PARKING LOT is a customer's first impression of your business and the LAST thing we see when we leave. My shopping experience while inside the store is a pleasurable one, but usually begins bad and always ends badly because there IS NOT ENOUGH room to enter and exit vehicles.

Reason of review: Inadequately sized customer parking spaces.

Preferred solution: Someone with some sort of Authority in the construction/store planning department to contact me.

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Parking spaces have to be a minimum size required by law perhaps park in a loading spot or further in the back where u have less cars. But u will have to walk a few extra feet. Who complains about width of a parking spot


75% of Menards customers, that's not even close to the truth. Easily less than 33% of Menards guest have a truck.

If you knew anything about Menards you would know they called their customers guest, not customers. I worked at Menards for years and it was rare that someone would actually have the proper vehicle to haul what they purchased.