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Save big money at Menards,

I bought several items with a check of $120 at Appleton West. Got home found I bought 2 wrong items.

Returned the next day and they gave me an in store credit, sent me through check out to repurchase. 2 weeks later, wife returned with $11 of extra unused still packaged project parts while she was in town. They gave her an in store credit claiming she bought items with a gift card even after I told her to expect cash and after an argument with supervisor. I went back, calmly explained all this and received cash and a "I don't know why they did that".

We live 30 miles from this store in Ogdensburg, closest store. The person at the store gave me a customer survey slip to send to corporate. I sent it and Arlene sent a letter back stating there store policy is clearly printed on every receipt. What that had to do with my inconvenience is beyond me.

The cash I got only paid for gas to go back. what they did was way out of line. I have several other complaints over 20 years of problems I will post here about Menards.

Stay tuned..

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So, you have 20 years of problems to report. Why didn't you stop going to Menards earlier?


I come here for the pure enjoyment of it actually, to see what people complain about. When i comment on stuff it is purely because I feel the person complaining is at fault for their experience or unreasonable.

I do not work for menards, though I did a long time ago.

I think people come on here to say things to customer who are unreasonable because they can;t when they're on the clock. There really are some dumb people out there and most employees can never call them on this.


To all readers,

I stumbled on this site and happened to read complaints from you about a business whose products and policy I had problems with. I felt a connection with you all and a renewed anger for this business, its awful policy and low class employee’s. I began to post some of my problems, and I have dozens, and to my surprise every post was targeted with a response defending this company. Several times my workmanship was criticized and they always tried to find fault in the way I did something having never met or worked with me. That is very evident on all my posts in the first replies. I know that consumers reading these replies are not buying it; consumers are smarter than they think.

So I decided to write this and add it to every post. I can only assume that these people are paid by the company, possibly employee's, to target the critics and complaints and to discredit them in any way possible. Several attempts to discredit my posts included comments not backed up by facts and also attempts to question my abilities as an installer.

It’s bad enough that 1000's of us suffer problems from bad products or poor customer service and we are left feeling cheated, but to add insult to injury and to strike out at a complaint in the fashion that these people are doing is unacceptable. I know that lots of you people can connect with me and my problems. You know exactly what I am talking about if you post your problem here. My guess is that people looking at this web site did not come here to defend places they shop, they are here to complain. So reading a discrediting reply to my posts leaves me in confusion as to who is writing it. I wish this company would put forth an equal effort to satisfy upset customers instead of using tactics like this. It would go a long way in preventing these complaints and I have several more. Time will not be good to them.



couldn't have said it better myself, cs.


The reason that Menards does not give cash back on checks prior to the 14-day period is that people do at times write bad checks or will put a stop payment on their checks. If you have your original receipt and wait the 14 days or can verify that the check has cleared the bank you should have no problem getting your cash back. It is just to protect Menards from people who take advantage of these situations.


They will not give cash. They give you in store credit when you pay with check for 14 days until check clears.

I have been over this several times with them.

I dont plan for getting wrong stuff or returning anything, it just happens sometimes. What are you defending?


why did you get your return put on an in-store credit? there's no way you can get cash or money back to your credit card when you do that.

if you paid with cash, you should have gotten it refunded that way, same with a credit card. that's why this happened.