Kenton, Ohio

Im sure its been said before, and although none of the politicians are saying a word about it, This cheap imported product is what is killing our economy. I went to the hardware dept to buy some 1/2" bolts. they are sold per item for $.32 ea. I wanted to go go 1/2" longer and it cost $.45 ea. Come on, almost 50% more in cost for about 20% more in product? doesn't add up.

I could have gone to a TSC store and bought them $1.89 per pound,(about $.06 ea.) gotten the same cheap quality and saved about 75%. I had some eye bolts on an older dump trailer about 20 years old. thought I would replace them because they were getting rusty. these hold the rear gate from opening fully during a dump. the new eye bolts opened up and bent and stretched after the first use. the old ones had lasted over 20 years. Same quality? not even close. It used to be said your dollar went further with an imported product. not any more. The jobs here have gone to China, the quality is poor, there is no quality control and yet we now pay the same as we did for good products that We used to make here. It now seems we have no integrity with the stores like Lowes, Home Depot, Wal Mart, and looks like Mennards as well. There is nothing wrong with Profit, but operating on the platform that you are doing is only transferring more wealth from this country to China slowly bleeding us. While you can say it isn't your fault and in some ways is not. You don't seem to recognize that it is this problem that is sinking our economy and our country. but what do we do, who do we buy our products from? Our choices diminish yearly, and the ones left have all gone the china route. You have taken another step down the slppery import slope.

It seems its all about the few controlling the many. Our Government certainly isn't doing its job in regulating this trade. We the people have the power to change it but could use a little help from people like you at Mennards if only you would recognize the problem and decide to do something about it. I could go on but its been said before and nothing is ever done. I can't do my job and yours or the government for that matter. so Ill close by saying, DO the RIGHT THING! Find american products and at least stock them alongside the imports to give us the consumer a choice.

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Piracy is our only option.


it won't be long before everything will be made east of the east coast :cry


He was assuming because the quality was so poor that it was manufactured in China. If you are correct about fasteners being made in Eau Claire WI, then probably everything they make too, is junk. MENARDS SUCKS!

paint man

how many times does menards run a made in america sale each year? 4.

yes 4 they last two weeks each. i clearly dont understand how an individual expects a bolt that costs a penny in china vs 10 cents in the usa to cost the same in the end.

you are merely looking at 19 cents vs 29 cents at guest cost. imagine how they would *** when they pay that additional ten cents


Yes they are


Don't know where Rational Individual gets the idea Menards manufactures fasteners in Eau Claire. They may repackage fastners into 1 and 5 pound packages in the US but the fasteners aren't made in Eau Claire.


Menards manufactures its fasteners in Eau Claire, WI. Thus, they are NOT made in China.

These fasteners are used to build homes, buildings, and even stadiums, with no problems at all. You certainly bought the wrong thing for your use. Using a straw as a bolt will not function. Next time make sure you are in the hardware department and not the housewares department.

And stop complaining about products being made in China. You clearly use a computer (made in China), do you watch TV (made in China)??? You don't want to pay $600 for something that you can buy for $150. That is the problem.

And this is not what is sinking our economy. Obama is ensuring our economy never recovers.


if you pay a little bit of attention, menards carries SEVERAL items made in the USA, and advertised that way specifically to draw attention to the fact that when they are able, they buy USA. Not to mention the fact that menards makes its own fasteners. thanks for the rant though.


dude recalculate your math...


dude recalculate your math...


dude recalculate your math...