Sorry folks I'm too busy working a full 14 hour day at my beloved mr menards store until 8:00 pm on this boring holiday so I will be unable to reply with my nonsense irrelevant and sarcastic

comments to customers

concerns for another day. All of my co workers wanted off today and I proudly took their hours. Imagine people requesting off menards on a national holiday????? When menards opens stores in china I'm moving there. No holidays and 98% of menards products manufactured there. I just got my yearly 10 cent raise and so excited to miss another holiday event with family. Go team menards!!!!!!!

Thank you


Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Cute story, however you clearly don't work at Menards or you would have noted the 50cent raise the entire store is getting to compensate for increase of living expenses. And it's 10cents every 6 months unless you've been in a position longer than 5 years.


It's not a cost of living raise. It's due to the minimum wages going up.


Wrong if that was the case employees wouldn't be taking a test to obtain this 50-cent raise, if you fail the test you have to wait 6 months again before your eligible for the increase where once again you will need to pass a test. Second of all Menards even told managers to deny subpar employees, if it was because of a minimum wage increase no one would be being denied.

In Wisconsin Menards part time team members start at 8.35 an hour now lets say they start at 8.85 that's no where near close to the 10.10 an hour that is being discussed.

Morning stockers start at 7.35 an hour and now would be at 7.85 again not even close to the 10.10 being discussed. I could go on and on about why your wrong, but hey your not all that bright.


SharkNasty schooled you're dvmb@ss


China may manufacture a lot of cheap items, but you can best believe the merchandise in their own stores is much higher quality than what the U.S. companies here order from them.

NOT China's fault as all that cheap plastic stuff is designed by plans submitted from the U.S. buyers....thank you for working on a holiday as clearly Menards is the type of store that shouldn't ever think of closing on a holiday celebrating America, Independence and family...