dissappointed to read about menards illegal dumping activity over the years. What a bunch of losers.

Especially the owner the many complaints about products that don't work is really bad. I guess the attitude must be that they can cheat you and then you can't fight their policy's.

people need to realize that this kind of business should be boycotted I am pleased that our government agency's have charged and fined these jerks and maybe jail time would put a stop to this behavior of illegal dumping. just don't shop there anymore we will all be better off crooks are crooks losers are losers and hopefully some day it will catch up to them

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Actually, we win. And you're the loser, *** I am a cashier at one of the Wisconsin stores, and once we take your money, we don't give a *** about what happens from there.


Exactly. Take the money and do not give a ***.

The business model of a punk.

Cheats in NASCAR too. What a shame.


Looks like some Menard advocates are tapping the *** buttons because as you can see, there is no *** contained in the comments. Truly it is a weasel organization and hopefully some day soon it will all come back around to them. Maybe the EPA or local authorities or maybe a national boycott will be their justice.


Menard is a lowlife that cheats venders and customers and then hides behind lawyers and thugs not to mention politicians which are just basically punks that would not survive in the real world. Too bad Menard did not try to cheat me in the old days before his tactics made him so much money.

I would have broke his nose then run him out of business.

He is a punk ...no respect and I can see in his kids eyes that he is a little Sally. You are a *** Menard and you are protected by ***