Chicago, Illinois

so glad that i do not work in retail . i would not be able to deal with ignorant shoppers that you cant help to ask your shelf how did they get up and put there cloths on or learn to drive when they have no common sense !

by far melrose park has the worst people that shop there i rather spend more money @ lowes and @ least be around other consumers that have common sense and have manners .You have to wait to get helped and then when you get the help you have rude shoppers that cut you off because they do not want to wait there turn . west chicago menards is a good one to shop at

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Deal.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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maybe he meant something different then boot maybe boot was a code word


What Menards needs, as well as other home improvement stores need, is a computer set up in an open area that is easy to see and you simply type in what you are looking for and it will tell you exactly where this product is located. The stores are so big now, I hate walking from one end of the store to the other end. This will make shopping easier and faster for those of us who want to go in the store, get what we need and get out.


my son works at a local menards and a customer said he just needs a good kick in the butt. he was employee of the month last month.

i never ask for help because one, you people have better things to do and two, i know what i want when i go there. i hate it at times when a menards employee comes up to me and says..... finding everything alright but its there job, i understand that.

irrate and *** people just to make somesones day bad need to stay out of menards. they might run upon someone like me that wishes i would have been standing behind the arrogant *** wanting to put a boot in my sons butt putting it up theres.


I get so angry when I'm in the middle of talking to a customer and another person interrupts me. It's like the person who interrupts to ask where the bathroom is is more important that the customer, who at the current time, is inquiring about a product I carry. Come on people, wait your turn; or better yet, find someone else to help you!


if you are going to complain about ignorant shoppers at menard's please correct your spelling, punctuation and grammar so that people won't know that you are one of the ignorant!


part of the benefit of working around idiots like this is you begin to feel much better about yourself.