Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I recently bought an Ideal garage door from Menards. Put up the garage door one weekend and it worked fine.

A few months later the hardware gave out (that holds the door panels together). Since I had a 3 year warranty I called the company and told them what had happened.

After 3 months of dealing with the warranty company Ideal Doors decided that it wasn't a manufacture defect and I was left with a *** garage door laying in my yard. I would not recommend buying from Ideal doors as honestly there products are *** and they lie about the warranty.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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Easy to believe, everything at Menards is the lowest quality that can be obtained from China. I would never buy anything at Menards except insulation and ducting.

Everything else they can keep.

Couple that with the pond ***, money grubbing ethics of the ruthless Owner and you may understand why we hope everyday for their failure. Death to big box greed.


Ya gotta be careful installing them. Electricity, checking alignment a million times, and there's a lot of things it could be.

Ya, you also gotta be the one to check on loose bolts. There are no garage door bolt tighetener postions anywhere that I'm aware of, so when you get your new one. Check on em every once ina while.

Specialty lock washers with teeth, usually do the trick, and remove worries of any bolts coming loose.

It happens, figure out how to fix it, make your own hardware if ya gotta. It's a manly thing, that only a loyal menards customer would understand.


It's interesting that you don't mention why Ideal said it wasn't a defect in the door. There are a number of reasons the door could have failed, such as installing an opener without installing required bracing to properly spread the pressure put on the door across the door.

The door could have frozen to the ground and been pulled apart by an opener.

You may have added insulation or a backing to an uninsulated door and changed the weight of the door which would require heavier hardware. Tell the whole story and your complaint might be more believable.


Menards sell 10's of thousands of Ideal doors a year. This just doesn't happen unless it is installed incorrectly.

These doors are nice. (former Menards employee, now a contractor)


So the moral of the story probably installed it incorrectly. The hardware doesn't give out unless the door is stressed, probably not installed square.

Ideal door manufactures under many different names, so no matter where you do in the Midwest, you are probably going to get a door from them. Good luck though.