Plano, Texas

I asked for help in the plumbing department. today. Dan said he didn't work in that department and talked back to me with insolence and walked away. I later saw him restocking in that department. He needs a reprimand at the least and to be fired at the extreme. As a person, I command respect. As a customer since the store opened, spending literally thousands, I must be treated as any good citizen. Insolence is not acceptable. Lowes is nearby.

I have used Menards for several remodeling projects and have another in the future. Use of your store will be contingent upon reaction to this complaint.


The Pissed customer terms of service was not available.

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It's customers like you that makes working in retail a terrible experience. Did you approach him with respect?

So what you spent thousands of dollars there, so have many other people. How does that make you better than that employee?

And respect is earned, not commanded. I think the word you mean is courtesy.


Who the *** do you think you are? You do not know what kind of day that kid had.

Maybe they were helping stock the department that day because of under manning.

Granted a smile would have been nice and getting someone to help you. I have this feeling your were a total a**wad and deserved the bad treatment.


ooo mommy he was rude to me... you frickin' whiner...

you ever thought that he's been yelled at by management and dealt with crabby people all day... it's hard to keep a smile on youf ace... you know i worked at a menards... i had a customer in stitchesone day with wisecracks....

he walked into my new job elsewhere about two years later.... and promptly started laughing so hard he got tears in his eyes.... really nice guy... menards should foster that kin...

d of a relationship with their customers/employees, instead think about how they are beaten down every day... trust me it happens... i used to have to straighten out the maple/pinemahogany boards every day because people don't even hav the courtesy to put them back after they looked at them... trust me, menards attitude is that it is acceptable to yell at and berate their employees right out on the sales floor...

i had the commercial manager where i worked put a special order i initiated thru talking to the customer for a long time... on his number where he got the big bonus cause it was a BIG order...

nothing i could do because the manager at the store was a *** to the nth degree cut the guy some slack.... you have no idea how *** it is to work in retail now,,,


"I command respect" - Respect is earned. You sound like a rude a.sshole by throwing out how much money you spend and demanding that they employee be fired. I wouldn't give you any respect either.


I highly doubt you know what you're talking about. I really doubt you have any clue where the Plumbing department starts and ends.

Also the only thing he did wrong was not help you find someone else.

He is not your servant to do as you wish. He has every freaking right to say I do not work in this department and care on with his other jobs.