I went to purchase a snow joe for my mother I could not find any help I went to the customer services desk where the manager called someone over the loud speaker which was not clear 20 minutes went by I went back up to the manager I stated no one came to help me I said are they displayed some where I can go get it myself she said aisle 282 & pointed her finger where I had just been looking my friend came to get me because Shaun had came from lawn & garden to finally help.so after 45 minutes I got the blower I attempted to order this online but the manager did not state I could not use this paper in store coupon online so I asked could I purchase the blower and the remaining amount be put on a gift card she said no and gave me a piece of paper to mail to corporate office she was rude upon leaving the store my friend and I were approached by security saying I need to see your receipt I was appalled I couldnt find anyone to help me in the store the manager was rude but you come out & and accused me of stealing I will never shop at Menards again and I will put my experience on social media &advise everyone I know not to shop Menards they do not care about their customers


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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They won’t miss you. Your post is so hard to read without punctuation.

It is one giant sentence. You are not clear about the coupon, someone did help you. You just had to wait your turn.

And you were not accused of stealing. Stop being so dramatic.


Menards service is falling while prices continue to rise. It's easy to say that one customer won't be missed but losing one after another adds up and one day John will be asking where all the customers went. For me, a long time customer and former employee, it's Home Depot.


Ah *** Your local Community College has English 101 classes. But you'll need to get your GED first.

Good luck and God Speed. Sucker.


Foolish child, no one is accusing you of stealing. Sadly many stores ask to check a receipt.

Simply say "no" and walk out.

No one was rude to you. You are mistaking not getting your way as rude.

@Kevin Richards

" Sadly many stores ask to check a receipt. " they consider you guilty until proven innocent.

Vote with your wallet and take your business to a store that appreciates the customers who provide them with a paycheck and a job. You would think menards staff would be grateful they were one of the few retailers to remain open since day one of the pandemic, instead of leaning against the wall stating "thats not my job" but yet have all the time in the world to flirt with coworkers.


Losers who like to buy cheap, low quality junk are a dime a dozen. Once this dusty loser is faced with higher prices and a lighter wallet, it will be back.


If you have looked at Menards pricing lately you may well find you are paying more for low quality products at Menards than a name brand product at their competition.

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