Branson, Missouri

I visited the Onalaska Menard's in late June,2009. I picked up bird seed, plumbing supplies, and found a deal on toilets. I found a sales floor associate and asked for help. I asked if the toilet tanks a bowls above a $44 price point were correct. The tank with the sale price behind it was an insulated tank. She said yes it was and put it on a cart for me.

When checking out the toilet was actually $72. I went back to speak with the store assistant manager at this point. He was moving some of the toilets to other locations. I showed him where the other associate had gotten the tank that I had picked up. There were at least 5 other insulated tanks there and he and another associate proceeded to move them in front of me to a completely new location. The stores mistake not mine.

The assistant manager proceeded to tell me that the wrong toilet tanks were in the place of the price point. He found the right ones, which were under the display for that model that was actually on sale. They were located not in the 8-foot section next to the sale price point but 2 8-foot sections away. In the Wal-Mart where I work, if we have a sale on a displayed item, the item and the actual sale marker are under the display. I assumed that Menard's would also have enough sense to put the sale marker on the right product. The assistant told me the sale product was under the display and I could buy that. My point was their associate loaded the tank for me and the sale marker was under the wrong product. Where I work, we would have had to give the customer the item for the sale price because that is where they found the item. Not just 1, but 5 of the wrong item were under the sale price point. I was angry when I left and may not go to another Menard's. I won't ever drive an hour to buy my home supplies at the Onalaska Menard's again.

The service from a management position was awful,they should have the best customer service skills.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

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Listen to me. I want a child of my own. I think it would help things a lot.


Then dont. The price wasmarked on the display, you misinterpreted what was going on.

They were probably mvingthe toilets to make it eveneasier for people to realize the price was describing the display(where prople would expect the price to be) Life is too short to complain about 1 price tag on one item at 1 store. Good Luck.


I thought that you Menardites were merely rude, arrogant and ***. But I can see I was wrong.

In addition to these traits, you are mean-spirited and insulting.

The more I experience your attitudes and behavior, the more distasteful I find the entire concept of shopping at Menards. Thank you for bolstering my respect and preference for the Home Depot.


I have worked for Menards for almost 2 years now, and every week there are several of these retards that come into the store and try to hustle us into selling them something at or below cost. These customers (sorry, "guests") are such theiving *** whenever guests have questions regarding pricing I direct them to the desk of the department that they are in so that they can speak to a manager so that there is no confusion over the price.

But more often than not what happens is that these retarded guests speak to some brain stem thinking, mouth breather of a morning stocker who knows absolutly nothing. What if the pice tag (bin tag) was $44 and it rang up at the register for $24, would you still insist on giving us $44 because that was the price marked on the shelves?


Here we go again...another customer that walks on water. Too bad everyone can't be perfect like you.

As you stated it was a "mistake", someone stocking the shelves put the product in the wrong spot. YES it was a MISTAKE, that doen't mean you get to profit from the mistake of another fellow human being.Face it, most humans make mistakes, that is unless they happen to be you.