Ashland, Ohio

I will no longer support Menard's they do not support the military and give military discounts. So from here on out I'm going to spend the word about you to everyone I know and I know a lot of VET.

so you better think twice before you go and hurt your self! I mean really are you guys that cheap and that much non-Americans?

why dont you just take your non-American *** to china like the rest of your friends and stay there the US is better with out you i think you forget who made you who you are! The Americans and i bet a lot of them are military....

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go to *** you old ***, it was your choice to go to war you *** bag. Don't ask for special treatment


You *** if it wasn't for veterans we wouldn't be able to what we do in this country. Besides you must be scared to join the military.


Right woot u move to China with them chicken****


"Spend the word about you", "I know a lot of VET" and on and on, you are an *** and should have someone check you post before you submit them, *** :upset


If you really want to show your support and service for this country, do not ask for special treatment. It is asking for special treatment from others that have started wars in history. Do the honorable thing and be like every other American, pay the same.


I happen to work at Menards and I LOVE my job and the store. It's a great family owned company, and operates in the US only and is not publicly traded.

The reason they do not offer military discounts or senior citizens discounts is because they are confident that their prices are already the LOWEST. if not, they will match or beat. With prices that low there is no need for more discount.

Go ahead take your money somewhere else, by the time you take your military discount off of the other company's higher price your going to end up spending the same amount anyways. Think about it.


You are a dumb ***. The store is Menards, not memards. ***.


This war was NOT started for your private gratification, and you can be damned sure it's not being run for your personal convenience, either!


I work my butt off everyday and feel that I deserve a discount just for spending my money? As far as I am concerned they should not have to give discounts for anything. Their prices are low enough...By the way, the perk they provide is THEY ARE THE ONLY HOME IMPORVEMENT STORE THAT PROVIDES US PRODUCTS...They are getting more and more so it looks as though they are listening to people and providing us with what we ask...tHERE IS YOUR PERK!


:cry Poor baby. You sound like all those teachers in Madison who want everything given to them for nothing in return.

Grow up. I'm a vet and feel no one owes me anything for my past service.

What I earn, I want, and I haven't earned anything from Menards. GROW UP!


Took my smart phone into Menards and used the shopSavvy and pic2shop apps along with getting online to Lowes websight, Menards was not cheaper on a lot of things. Things that only Menards carries looked cheap. I also believe that a military discount should be given to the men and women who fight for our freedom, and I speak as a civilian.


They don't offer the military discount because the police & fire Dept don't get the discounts either. Frankly I find it offensive that you're using your military background for foolish perks- you should be ashamed!




so do we owe discounts to you because your old or because you buy more than the normal person or maybe you have a rare talent that justifies a discount? Why should everyone different be special?

how about you get treated "equal" like all americans...As an employee of menards and a father of a son who is serving our country as we speak today, please shut up. If you need to get a discount so you can feel all warm and fuzzy about your military service i am sorry.


Get off the cross limp **** !! So...Menards won't give you a discou nt...well go have a pink panty meltdown about it!!

Just because you are supposedly a vet does not entitle you to anything other than respect, and only if you earned that!!! Walking around with a chip on your shoulder expecting a hand out or special privalages is not only pathetic but down right dishonerable......Stand down and Lighten up !


what a *** Why do you feel entitled to anything. If you are truly a vet, you most likely remember that you chose to serve.

We should anyone get anything extra just because they served in the military? I did two combat tours and I ceryainly don't expect anything but a cookie on vetern's day.


I don't think the problem was the discount in and of itself. It was the principle of matter and I totality agree. Regardless of if your a "vet" some people claim they are a "vet" when their service consisted of half add tours and sitting behind desks doing paperwork :)


I bet you ask for a discount at McDonalds, too!


:cry :cry :cry GROW UP!!!!

Thanfully the majority of the fine folks that have served or are serving our country aren't doing so to get a discout at a retail store.