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At door told no entry without a mask on. I want to know where it is written in our law in Missouri.

That you have to wear a mask. I complied when Missouri had a restriction. Missouri lifted that mandate, but menards seams to be above the law. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at menards.

No more. I called the front desk they said corporate mandated it.

Wouldn't give me corporate number. Hung up on me.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: 535 Siemers Drive, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

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"spent tens of thousands of dollars " No One Cares......


" "spent tens of thousands of dollars " No One Cares...... " Try telling that to the part time employee who is sent home 5 minutes after punching in intending to work a 10 hour shift, and only getting 15 hours for his paycheck because the computer states payroll is significantly down. My nephew worked 2 years part time as a menards employee and after helping him realize how much corporate and store management was str0kin@ him I helped him find a job with better pay, more dependable and consistent hours, and no longer having to work hours in the elements in the middle of winter or a heat wave just to fill the big mans wallet


What is lows?


You are shopping on private property. Menards is doing what they can to protect their customers and employees from the virus.

I expect that they will require masks as long as the CDC recommends them. They would much rather loose a customer that doesn't want to be responsible and wear a mask than to loose a customer to covid.

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