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I saw in the ad they had 6-cube cubbies on sale for $19.99, normally $29.99. I wanted to get a couple of those plus some other things, so I drove the 30 minutes from my home to pick them up.

When I arrived I notice that the spots for all colors were empty. They had a 12-cube cubby available for $59.99, twice the price of the smaller one. I figured I would just pick that up for $40, ($20 off and the same price as 2 of the smaller) and sought out an employee for help. I told her what I wanted and since it was obviously going to be more cost effective for the company I saw no reason they would not agree.

She told me she would have to ask a manger and disappeared for over 10 minutes. I finally went a few aisles down to start looking for her since it had been so long. She was speaking with another employee nearby. I walked over and asked her what the answer was and she informed me that the manager had said no and I could only have a 'sorry' slip.

I assumed she had not explained exactly what I wanted to do, so I asked to speak with him myself. I mean, they are making the same amount of money and I know they didn't pay twice to cost for the big one as the small one. So I didn't understand the problem. She walked me over to a station where there were 5 employees standing around a computer chatting.

Ummm, aren't there a ton of customers these guys could be helping? Anyway. She told Phil, he had a name tag on, what I wanted to do and he looked at me with confusion. I explained it again.

Hey, I drove 30 minutes, it's a better deal for you guys, you make a sell and I get what I need. He got the info from the employee who had brought me over (Sarah btw) and punched it into the computer. With the help of another employee he was able to look it up and get the cost and sales price of both items. He then used a calculator on the computer, I was right next to him so I could see everything, and figured out the profit for each deal.

The 6-box cubby cost them $16.00. They were selling it for $19.99 - 20% profit. Then he figured out the info for the larger one - cost $29.99, selling it to me for $40 = 28% profit.) No wonder they can afford these sales! They get the merchandise for so cheap vs the regular price!) He then told me that he couldn't do it because, and get this, if he sold it to me it would be less profit!

He offered me 10% off instead, as savings of $6. I told him, no offense, but I could see that you would be making 28% instead of only 20% on the sale so it is a much better deal for you guys. He replied that that was only if he sold me 1 6-cubby. If he sold me 2 it would be 40% profit and 28% was less than 40% so no.

Are you freaking kidding me? Do you now understand how basic math works??? I tried to explain that no matter how many he sold me it was still just 20% the percentage would not change. He got snippy then and said that he didn't have to do anything for me and he was being nice by offering me 10% off.

Let me just comment that I can honestly say that I had been nice this entire time. I did not raise my voice, I was not condencending even though he obviously lacked even the most basic math skills and common sense! I then asked him what his position was. Was the the store manager or the department manager.

He told me he was the hardware manager. I then asked if I could speak with an assistant or store manager. He said the GM, Jon, was there. I asked to speak with Jon then.

He looked quite upset and said "Wait here". He walked away and I saw him go up the steps. He was gone for at least 8 minutes. When he returned he told me Jon was at the front of the store and I could go up there and speak with him if I really wanted to.

One of the employees that was still at the desk (2 had walked away while he was gone) asked me if I knew where the contractor stand was. When I said no, and she was giving me directions, Phil interrupted her and said "She can just go to the front of the store. They can page Jon or tell her where to go." He was obviously upset with me. I thanked them all very nicely for their help and walked to the contractor stand.

There were 7 employees standing up there. Brandun asked if he could help me and I told him I was there to speak with Jon, expecting Jon to be there already. He was not. Brandun called him on the phone and informed me he would be there in a few minutes.

It was at least 7 minutes before Jon walked over. Obviously he was not in a hurry to speak with me. I smiled, shook his hand, and thanked him for meeting with me. I explained my situation and told him that I could see that they were making 28% vs 20% by doing the substitution, so I didn't think he'd have a problem with it.

I honestly expected him to agree and say he would be happy to help me. I wouldn't be writing this is that was the answer. He told me that they had a lot of expenses with their merchandise. They had to pay for shipping, unloading, stocking, etc.

He informed me that they needed to make at least 18% just to break even on an item. I said "Yes, of course. But you'll make 10% over that if you do the substitution and only 2% over that if you don't and I have to come back and get it later" He then,again, replied that he had to pay shipping and stocking fees. I said, "But the item I want is already here.

You've already paid to have it shipped and stocked and now it's just sitting there. If you have to order another one for me you have to pay all those fees over again. I don't understand." It was extremely obvious that he had come over with the full intention of just blowing me off. He said "Hold on" and walked over to the computer behind the contractor desk.

He was over there for a few minutes and then returned and told me he could do it for $43 before taxes. Really? I told him that if he really felt he needed that extra $3 then I would give it to him. I just wanted to walk out with my item.

At that moment my husband, who had been roaming the store for the past 30+ minutes waiting for me, called and said he wanted the 8-cube cubby instead. I told Jon - "Let's see what we can do on the 8-cube instead please". He returned to the computer and come back a few moments later and said I could have it for $28.61. The regular price on this was $44.99 so I was very surprised at the generous discount.

I thanked him and accepted the price. He printed me out a paper with that info on it and I purchased the item. In the end, I got a good deal, but the aggravation is enough to keep me away from Menards for quite a while. The customer service was ridiculously bad.

I worked in retail management for years. If a customer wants a substitution on an item, and it's not costing the store money, just do it and keep them happy! In this case, they were actually MAKING more money, but they just couldn't see it. Oh, did I forget to mention that I was actually wearing my blue Menards hoody at the time that I purchased a few years ago and wear - well, now it'll be "wore" - all them time.

This sweatshirt will not be worn out in public ever again.

I'm not going to be doing any advertising for them any longer! Not after this ridiculous experience.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Sales Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I want your employees to be trained effectively and for customer service to be a priority. I would also like an explanation from upper management as to why this situation occurred and well as an apology..

Menards Pros: Products, Store size, Vast inventory selections.

Menards Cons: Poor customer service, Response of local management, Rude manager.

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Menard's sucks when it comes to customer service, anyway. I am a former employee and I quit because of the way they treated their employees.


People like you make me sick. Seriously, what makes you all high and mighty that entails you to a discount on another product, cause they are out of stock?

Guess what, there are other options, its called special ordering in the product, or use the internet to place an order to reserve one for you. People do lose their jobs by providing these discounts and I guarantee I will not get fired from my job unless its on my own terms, not yours.

I will always look online for a sale item to make sure it is in stock before I make a trip. Be a smart shopper and these things will not happen.

@People will always complain

It's not the store employee, it's corporate money/profit machines. The people on the floor realize what a store looses in one area to make a "good customer" happy will be made up else where.

Also, if the "special" just happens not to have sufficient supply, guess how many people will come back with their rain checks and buy more items that ARE NOT doing anything but improving store profit margins? Tell the WHOLE darn story please!

@People will always complain

I seriously hope u get over your "sickness" someday!


You're not entitled to a substitution. Matter of fact Menards policy is not to do a substitution.

You were offered a rain-check/sorry slip which holds the sale price for an additional 90-days. All items are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Why fuss over pennies? Why ruin someones day over a trivial item?

It's very clear you think you know a lot, but the reality is you do not understand anything about Menards or their margins. The store associates, department managers and general managers do not set the prices. The corporate office and manufactures set the prices. The GM even explained to you that they're other cost associated with the margin, but you refused to listen.

I worked at a Menards for 4 years in the paint department and they fired the GM for making a price adjustment for a contractor. He was with Menards for 15+ years and one day they just walked in and canned him for giving to good of a deal to a valued guest, they also fired the contractor rep who was with the company for 15+ years and easily one of the best employees in the store.

So all your silly demands do is anger people and get them fired if they give you to good of a deal.


I like the compassion you seem to have for your prior co worker's, nice! But customer's do rate especially with the people who know their customer's.

The problem is corporate see nothing but their own profit policies in the short run and are unable to trust even seasoned personnel who are the ones making the customer happy/repeat customers. I'm old and it's ashamed as i see retail customer service be ruled by corporate "desk jockies" and their policies which don't allow for common sense and free advertising called "word of mouth".

This day and age it's mouth and Internet! We all know how vast that is!


It's not their fault you have to drive 30 minutes to their store. To be assured the product you are shopping for is available when you get there go online and use their buy on line, pick up at store option.

That way the product will have been pulled and waiting for you when you get there. It will save you a trip if they are out of stock.


That's a valid point, but if a product is out of stock and you have a substitute item that will please the client and not cost the company a loss, customer service dictates you make the substitution. In the situation this person described, the company was actually making a larger amount of profit AND it would make the customer happy.

Managers should have the ability to make exceptions for the sake of customer service.

@Customer 1st

This person has the right philosophy-Menards, in my mind, DOES NOT but heh, must be working for the title that's been obtained. Question is, at whose expense?


Seriously just go away you over the hill windbag we got enough uninformed puppets I mean customers without mrs smarty pants getting in between our employees social discussions. No senior discounts either grandma!!!!!

Thank you

Menards staff

@Menards staff

I certainly doubt this person is a member of Menards staff. Probably just some lonely guy with nothing else to do but troll and write rude things.

If you are tho, I'd love to see you sign your name to that incredibly rude comment and see what your store manager has to say about it. It's people like you that cause the exact type of issues being spoken about in this situation.

@Menards staff

I certainly doubt this person is a member of Menards staff. Probably just some lonely guy with nothing else to do but troll and write rude things.

If you are tho, I'd love to see you sign your name to that incredibly rude comment and see what your store manager has to say about it. It's people like you that cause the exact type of issues being spoken about in this situation.