Columbia, Missouri

Ok facebook, i have a few things to post about, first im going to post about one of my jobs to get it off my chest. 4 days ago I was told my boss was telling people i was on drugs (pot).

why, i don't know. I went to the GM and had a discussion with him so i wouldn't lose my job. I said u can drug test me right now. Or anytime for that matter.

he said he didn't need to and we had a discussion and i went back to work. The next day my boss (SHAWN) was taken into the GM's office, I dont know what was said but he came back and takes me outside in the yard alone and screams at me. He scared the *** out of me, a tall angry, red faced, shaking man screaming at me. Yes i cried, I was so *** scared.

He said he could have lost his job. Well, i didn't want to lose mine. He said he had said to the GM, there are way too many drugs in my department, he was talking about my ADHD (total discrimination) The next day "yesterday" I was called into the GM's office. They asked if i had done any design work through people i had met at Menard, I said no.

(I haven't done interior design besides at work, I haven't done it on my own in over a year. I'm just too busy. Plus u all would know.) The GM (Ryan and Brian) proceed to tell me He has had multiple complaints from my coworkers that i was trying to sell myself to people and that the customers that I had (supposedly) done design work for were coming back and complaining. I said impossible, that's a lie.

I said i get a lot of job offers at work because mi a people person and people like me when they meet me, i said i thought that was cool. What can I say? I have never said yes and i have never went and done a design job for any costumers at work. They proceeded to say i did and there were all these complaints.

I said that is a lie. People like me and some times they hand me a card and i take it to be nice. Never once have i ever called them back or led on i want to do anything, most of them people are always trying to recruit me for some sort of sales person. I hate sales.

I even say that. it's just i have an outgoing personality. it just is and you all know that. Then they said, over and over again "no one gives me a card".

they said this like 10x. all i could say is, your not me.----------------Well you all know about the photography jobs i got. one for a friend named Merri and one for a girl with awesome eyes. both of which i did not meet at work.

After the photo shoot i went to work and i told my boss (SHAWN ) how cool it was because she wants to pay me $50, i don't get paid that often for my photo's. you all know this because i will do them for free if you just let me. I told her to come into work because we were having a sale on some paint she wanted. she did and that was that and we are getting together next week so i can give them to her.

Monday I have another, the one with Awesome ryrs lol. Long story short. The GM (Ryan and Brian) said I made $50 from a photo shoot. I said yes from a friend.

And i said i have another one on Monday. what does this have to do with work. they said they got complaints on that.. I'm like WTF at this point.

Long story short I got fired for solicitation. I said that's not soliciting. And if it is for taking a card, i thought i was being nice and my boss (SHAWN ) new about this for months. They said what can u do to earn my trust back without us fallowing you around 24-7.

I was so confused but I went down a long list of everything i could think of. They said me talking and telling them what i could do just made it worse. So i said what can i do. they said you can do nothing.

I said are you going to fire me they said yes, i said so there is nothing i can do, they said how would you earn my trust back? I hate to say it but at this point i was begging because i needed this job, i just took on a sick family member who is unable to work and she moved in with me. I could see it in their eyes there was nothing i could do and i felt the two men just wanted to see me vulnerable and begging. so i quit begging, I pulled the paper towards to me, i proceeded to say i don't understand and signed the *** paper.

I asked to see documentation of these complaints and they said no! I said if there is no documentation then it's he said she said. they said they didn't have to do anything and that i could get a layer and try to fight Mr Menards layers. I said, "really"?

I was then escorted out. When i got home i did some research on solicitation and it did not pertain to me. I called the GM Ryan and Brian and said that what they did was wrong. This is the kicker..

Get this ***!---- OK here it goes... He said, well u understood everything and i said when did i say that? he said "u handed out flyers to try to sale your paintings" at this point i knew I was set up. I think Shawn was on grounds to be fired and they didn't want to lose him so they came up with this lame brain excuse to fire me.I can't fight a billion $ company, but it just adds to my experiences here in Columbia.

on my way out i talked to many co workers, despite the escort or not, what were they going to do fire me.? they were blown away by this and no one in my department had any idea what the GM's were talking about, no one in half the store for that matter.because it was all made up. I'm ok though im trying to stay positive. for every door that closes another one opens.

It just makes me mad that something like this can go on and there is absolutely nothing i can do about it. I will be ok but it's at a time like this i wish the whole store would stand up for whats right. they cant fight the entire store.

But i will live and tomorrow will come and i have wonderful people who stand next to me through every situation and i have been shown that more than once. i love you guys and thanks for listening.

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You are not alone. There are protected class individuals being demoted versus fired.

They will escort individuals out of one store and expect them to report to work at another location. They will pick and choose your position. White male managers do not get demoted for similar offenses. At will employment is taken to heart by Menard's.

If you work there sign nothing related PRD for damages. It's illegal for an employer to charge employees for damages that are not criminal in nature UNTIL you sign off on the PRD charge to cover damages.


What state is this Menards in? In Wisconsin Menards can fire you with or with out reason, you sign it when your hired.

It doesn't surprise me. Menards is run by very questionable people, if they don't like you they will make up stuff or exaggerate facts to get you in trouble. Management will also normally take the side of the complaint even if it's not true and there is no evidence to support it. I've had a few complaints about me by very rude and just down right *** people, management tried to bully me on a few occasions cause of it.

Yet I've been secret shopped 2 times and scored a 5 out of 5 and a 3 out of 5, the average person in my store scores a 2 out of 5...... So it pretty much shut them up.

Every time they had no evidence just some BS some costumer said that wasn't even close to true. The people who shop at Menards are horrible everyone in my store knows it, and Management runs a close second.


Do you realize your complaint doesn't make any sense at all? It is way too long.


The post made a lot of sense. YOU JUST NEED TO READ IT! No it was not perfect in spelling or grammar, but I understood it just fine.


heartless, UNFORTUNATELY in sales, the customer is ALWAYS right! Yes there are a lot of dumba-- people out there, but, that's the way it is!! Good luck!