Roselle, Illinois
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I called the Muncie, In. store to get a price on treated lumber, when I went to the store to pick itup, the price was $3.00 MORE per board, than I was quoted.

THIS STINKS. I talked to the store manager, he would not help me. I asked for his supervisor,s name, he told me that he didnt have a supervisor. So I guess his name must be Menard.

HA.HA. I drove past Lowes, because I was giver a cheaper price from Menards after a 22 mile round trip the boards cost me more. I will never go to Menards again. I will tell this unhappy story to all my friends.

I have many. Menards customer service sucks.

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Are most of you *** in the head? Your job is to help the costumer at hand, weather that be in the store or on the phone.

Grow the *** up and quit you *** crying! Put a smile on, do your *** job, and be happy you at least have a job.


I think your all f'n. *** and if some of these coments were written by a manager or employe your all fired 1/2 the people calling for sh t are dumb ***'s and 1/2 of the workers are no better so grow the *** k up all of you!!!!!


I love it when people are too lazy to come in and shop for themselves. I run around my department checking brands, prices, weight, quantities for you ungrateful bastards while people who ARE at the store and see that I'm on the phone and ask me questions anyway are also distracting me.

So somebody told you a wrong price by accident. We aren't sitting by the phone waiting for you to call. Secondly...Are you sure you heard the price correctly? People hear and see what they want to.

If you worked in retail a day you would know that.

I do my best to help everyone because when I go shopping I expect the service I give. Maybe you should spend less time driving around and more time in the store


One board. And you are shopping over the phone, expecting the conversation you had with a person trying to HELP YOU to be some kind of binding legal conversation?

Most people need one board, they go in and look at it, and buy it. You brought this on yourself. Again, One Board.

Let it go. Pay for what you get.


I had a similar situation happen to me when I was an MT in Building Materials... Now I'm not saying you did this, just comparing the story: I got a call and the gentleman asked for the price of a fairly common board...

something like a 2x4x8. I gave him the price and he sounded very excited. He got to the store and the 100-DM took care of him. The gentleman got furious with him because there was a price difference - the gentleman wanted treated, not untreated, which there is obviously a price difference.

1. the 100-DM was not mad at me at all because what, was I supposed to read the guy's mind? and 2. he had not taught me to ask "treated or untreated" first thing.

So there you go, Sir.

Maybe you, without even knowing, just trained another one of our team members to ask "treated or untreated" first thing, just how i learned.

Thank you for possibly helping train Team Menard! :D


hey dummy do you really think a menard family member is sitting in some office waiting to take endless phone calls from dbags like you from the 200 plus stores in the company think about it Thats the point of the general managers job to take all of your *** so that Mr. Menard does not have to listen to it.

thats the point of owning a business you pay somebody else to deal with people like you and to make money Besides, even asking the general manager of any store who his supervisor is sounds ***. He is the supervisor.


What was the timeline between your call & actually going to get the product? If not same day, sale may have ended. If same day, definately miscommunication between you & original employee you spoke with regarding the exact product.


are you absolutely positive, beyond any shred of a doubt, that it was the same lumber?? could have been a difference there.