Bismarck, North Dakota
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I was shopping in the Menards in Bismarck and I had noticed one of the employees watching me as I was looking at items. He then came over to me and acted very friendly, then runs his hand down my back and onto my backside.

I gave him a dirty look and left the store. I will not be back. I hope Menards does not condone this type of behavior. It was humiliating.

This person was very heavy of build and even looked like a criminal. I am in my twenties so I can handle myself but what if he is doing this to younger females?

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na its his ex trying to get him fired


You are just mad because I didn't grope you on the front side first. You know you liked it!


Wow... some people have all the answers!


Ha, you're in your twenties and can take care of yourself.... First off your a female so I highly doubt you could have fought off this huge looking criminal.......

I can assure you whatever you think happened did not. It was just an accident and you took it the wrong way because you judged this person to begin with negatively.


lighten up KAREN!!!!!,,how do we know that you didnt grope him first :p :p


If you are so worried about this happening to a young girl how can not handle herself, then you need to report it. If you do not and this guy does this or something worse later on then you are to blame as well as you could have stoped it.


I don't believe you. Any girl who had that happen to her in a store would have either decked the guy, screamed, or immediately complained to the manager.

According to you, all you did was leave the store mad. Ok, either you are lying or a product of America's public schools where cowardice is taught.