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The recommended age was 15 and up, the exact age group being recruited by Isis. This costume shows a frightening similarity to the terrorists that have been plotting against our country for years, and most recently, openly slitting throats of our citizens and proudly displaying it on video for the world to see.

I see nothing entertaining, cute, or funny about this black hat, and bearded costume. I brought it to managements attention today, and was told it's "just a beard, they're in now" ......and "well it kinda looks like Duck Dynasty". If that's the case, wouldn't it have some D.

Dynasty trademark on the plastic cover? I can't believe keeping that on the shelf for the next 6 weeks is worth what you will pay in lost customers....my self included.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

Reason of review: I would like the product reviewed by a district manager for appropriateness to have displayed in a children's Halloween section of your store..

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I hope you're kidding. I don't think they lost any customers aside from you. I'm sure they're glad too.


I want to propose a solution. Take that outfit and shove it up your racist ar$e.


No? Keep stuffing.


In reality, you would not know a terrorist if they bit your stereotyping ars........most are living right under our noses.....wise up you daisy


How to turn a patriotic American into a terrorist? Add a beard..seriously?


Get a life. You're probably the type of person who wraps his kid in bubble wrap so they don't get any boo-boos. I feel bad for your kid(s) growing up with such a sheltered life.


People complain about anything... Really that's the sad part.

Don't you have bigger things to be worrying about. Your argument is laughable. First of all it is JUST A BEARD. Second of all if it was trademarked with Duck Dynasty they would have to pay them money.

If they make a generic costume beard they GET ALL THE MONEY. Finally you're the exact type of guest that made working at Menards a nightmare to work at.


Grow up!


TROLL!!!!!!!!! Its a freaking costume! Get over yourself!