Macomb, Illinois

i tried to purchase an air compressor at the galesburg menards store and was given a price for the item by an employee. the price i was given was 179.00.

when we went to check out it rang up 279.00. i asked the teller to call and check the price and she was told 179.00. i had her punch in the code written on the side of the box, the same code that was written on the side of all 5 boxes. It came up 179.00.

i asked to talk to the manager and i met him in the isle that the product was in. while i was talking to him about the price another employee called security on the radio not because i was upset but to have them check the video to see if i had written the sku number on the boxes that were 11 or 12 feet up on the top shelf. i asked what the *** was going on and were they accusing me of trying to steal or change the price. all the manager would say was what do you want from me.

What did i want from him was to not be called a thief in front of my wife and two children and to make it wright. i did not price the product i did not write the sku number wrong on the box if indeed it was wrong and i did not want to waste 30 minutes being treated like a criminal and leaving the store which i had just spent 6000.00 at a month prior when building the garage i was buying the compressor for. what i wanted was to be treated like a customer a paying customer that is the one that pays his salary. i think in this new day of buying power the main focus has been lost in a lot of areas.

the customer should always leave the store happy so that he returns to the store on another day to spend more of his hard earned money and to continue to keep the chain of the economy flowing. i indeed was not happy and am still not. i have made many attempts to contact someone other than the manager of that store but can not get a regional or corporate number. i went as far as to submit a resume on line with the hr department listing all that i have said here and have not gotten a reply.

i guess the customer satisfaction is not what is important but that they hope you forget how you were treated and come back again for more disappointments in the future. If any of you in the Midwest remember 9/11 and the day it happened Casey's gas stations raised their prices to 4.00 or higher when gas was only 1.90 a gallon and tried to take advantage of all Americans in a time of crisis but i do and to this day have not spent on red white and blue penny at a Casey's.

so if you think i will forget how i was treated you are very wrong.

Monetary Loss: $179.

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Welcome to " bend over your at menards " Your absolutely right, customer service does not exist at menards. Sorry you were humiliated but just remember not to darken those doors at menards again, your better off not buying the inferior quality compressor anyway, spend a few more dollars and get something that will last. lowes or Home Depot will always treat the customer with respect and appreciate the business.


employees write the wrong sku on *** all the time. i had to change the # on 5 toilets stocked in the wrong spot.

you got hosed.. if something is stocked in the wrong spot, not just 1 item misplaced, you're entitled to the listed price.


The owner John Menard is a staunch republican that obviously his views are forced down (trickle)to the management and then the employees. I once left there with $800 of CC paid merchandise in my cart to be greeted by an employee looking at my receipt.

This teen looking guy wa questioning me, an adult who has spent $50,000 in 8 years there?

After he made an *** out of him self, he said that the management teaches them to look and scan all patrons for anything suspicious. Not a good policy to motivate customers to come back.


We can all thank Lowe's for Hurricane Katrina. B@st@rds.


I usually try to blame at least one global catastrophe per year on Home Depot, so I dont think that this yahoo complaining about about gas is too far out of line


I have worked for Menards for over five years. While not trying to sugar coat your experience, you have to realize that theft is a huge issue and the length that people go to steal things is pretty amazing.

Don't take the hostility personally, it is a result of many people before you acting dishonestly. As far as trying to get some sort of response, the best thing is to fill out a comment form (brown bombers, up by registers).

Those go straight to John or Larry Menard and anything that needs to be addressed is sent to the store manager immediatly. I guarantee you will get at least a phone call of apology.


and just to add, isn't anyone else amazed how him waiting in line for a sku check suddenly turned into a conversation about the 9/11 attacks and gas prices? WTF???


clearly, your next step is to sue menards for millions, claiming undue emotional pain and suffering.


grow a pair and get over it. they did their jobs. it's tough to accuse someone of stealing when employees are doing exactly as they have been trained to do.


Wishing well, I think that part of the child abuse was posted by someone other than the OP, it was their idea of a joke. Atleast I hope that post is not real. However if it is real then I suggest the same as you.


I'm sorry to hear of your problem with Menard's (not a store in the area where I live) and I can truly understand why you became upset. I would have, too.

I'm also sorry to hear that you struck your child. Child abuse is potentially so serious that in good conscience I can't ignore your comment.

I beg you to do whatever is necessary to get additional help in the areas of self control and accepting responsibility.



Further more this made me so angry that when I got home I was not in a good mood. My son had upset me and I smacked him across the face.

I have just gotton my children back from CPS because I have learned to control my anger and now this set me off. Thanks Menards for wripping my family apart


Further more this made me so angry that when I got home I was not in a good mood. My son had upset me and I smacked him across the face.

I have just gotton my children back from CPS because I have learned to control my anger and now this set me off. Thanks Menards for wripping my family apart


Last time I got a pay check, it was signed by a guy named Menard, not ***. You don't pay my salary. If you did, I would probably have to have a large portion of my brain surgically removed so that I could sufficiently butcher the English language.