Wichita, Kansas

Right after I paid for my shopping of more than $ 2,000, the security lady accused me that I put a ridiculous $5 pocket knife on my pocket. That is the worst shopping experience of my whole life!

She didn't even wear a badgged with her name, security uniforme or anything that I can tell that she is a staff member. Once she realized she was wrong, the only thing she did was asked me to leave meanly without any appologize.

You know?... I'm hispanic... As you can tell for my poor english.

But I've been a loyal Menards customer since they first open the 2 stores here in Wichita, KS. Since then, I have expended several thousands of dollars on material, since I'm a construction contractor. And I'm happy with the products and prices, but now, unfortunately, I have something bad to say about their staff members. She needs to be sure what's she's doing, before to accuse someone falsely.

That was so embarrassing! With all of this, the only thing that I can say is I have been a victim of race discrimination!

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It just happened to me at the menards I have been shopping at for years, surrounded by cops frisked and then my pockets went through right in the middle of the store in full view of the other shoppers the whole time they kept saying where was the stuff I stole after they realized I was innocent they (the cops ) apologized the menards guy just kept smiling just as he had been doing through all of it, and the other poster is right it’s not about skin color. I’m a 54 year old white married father of two factory worker you can’t get more white bread than that.


Sorry to hear that. Unfortunatly a lot of contractors will buy large items then steal small $5 items at the same time.


I would have returned all of the $2000 plus items that they rung up!!!! I would definitely shop some place else if they had done that to me!!!


I'm sorry you were accused of something you did do but it happens to white people to. One night at Walmart, I bought two cases of Coke a a case of water and after checking out of the register, I was stopped at the front door to check my receipt and I didn't have one, because I either didn't get one or I layed it down.

They surrounded me with about six or seven employees and held me there at the customer service desk for an hour an a half before telling me to just go ahead and leave.

Just saying things like that just happen sometimes and I'm tried of everyone playing the race card. Maybe she thought you was actually shop lifting and the color of you skin had nothing to do with it or maybe she didn't like the way you were dressed or maybe she was just an ***.


Menard sucks. They trying to make money accusing people


Menards does not hire security personnel, they're contracted from a local security company in the area of the store. This is to avoid liability for things like this. Menards want these security people to act this way. Your not the first and will not be the last this happens too. In the Menards Memo's a monthly flyer they send every employee they have a shop lifter of the month section. They even send people from the corporate office to the store to try and shop lift items from the store. Menards doesn't even trust their own employees. If you bring a lunch box to work you have to have it searched before you can leave the store.

I suggest going to youtube and search Menards security guard you will find a video titled Assault By Menards Security, watch it and be amazed. Again Menards wants it this way, I doubt the guy did anything wrong and was just trying to get away from these fools.

I hate Menards, the company is run by a bunch of tools and the people who shop there are total fools.


The people in the video are not contracted security they are Menards employees. The contracted security people do not wear Menards clothing. What you were watching was how store managers treat suspected shoplifters.


That is typical security for big stores like that. It amazes me why these stores hire wannabe people for a very serious job.


You spell like a *** retard, I doubt you had $2000 to spend and I *** hate Menards so I am not defending them.


You are an *** He already explained that English isn't his first language and maybe you are jealous that an immigrant has a successful business. Unless you are a Native American, your family came from somewhere else, too.


The same thing happened to me today. I bought a dishwasher and was detained for supposedly taking dog flea products.

Of course nothing was in my purse and they had all their inventory. And they did it in such a humiliating way.

The man did not identify himself and pushed me in a room. I'm a registered nurse in surgery and never stole in my life!