Omaha, Nebraska

I used to work at Menard and I hated it! They treat their employees like trash.

I worked there for three years and had 3 different general managers while I was there and the treatment never changed. They always act like you are so disposable and don't do anything right. They always focus on what you're doing wrong or what you're doing that they don't like. Then when you are doing something that they don't like, they don't really tell you how to fix it or how to improve.

They just tell you you're a peice of *** basically. And then they just fire you. A simple "thank you" or "good job" would be nice every now and then.

*** place to work by far!

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Heartless will be commenting here just as soon as he's done cleaning the Menards restrooms.


What do you expect? GM's just pass on the treatment they get from the GO. Been going on for years and that's all they've ever known since they started working part time and as they got promoted throughout the ranks.


Next time you bob the shaft, try tickling the sack and moaning.and swallow or take the facial. Then your boss will say thank you and give you a promotion. :grin


God that's super true I've even been told your replace able


every *** day.... :(


You speak the truth!

@Right On

Me too, except I had the same favorite playing GM the whole time.