Saint Peters, Missouri

I saw an advertisement in Manards November 29-30 sale paper for The Spencer Creek Manards in St Peters, Mo, advertising Energizer AA & AAA Batteries on sale for $6.99 for a pack of 16 I thought that was a good price so I drove the 12 miles to get some.and to look at an entry door.

When I got there the display for those batteries were empty, so I asked the person in that department if they still had any and looked up at the boxes of energizer batter on top of a tall shelving system and said Nope. I went and found what appeared to be a manager and told him the situation so he got on the computer and it showed they had 200+ of AA's and 150+ AAA's packages left in inventory, so he walked me down to the display and found another employee and told him to find me some of the 200+ battery pack they showed on the computer inventory. The manager walked away saying the employee would get me the batteries I requested.

The employee stared up at the boxes of batteries on the top of the shelf and made a statement "We an't got none". I went back and told the manager the outcome and he acted rather put-out, so I finally saw this was going no where so I told him to forget it.

I have to admit I was disappointed in Manards I had planned to look at buying other items also but I figured the whole thing appeared to be a bait and switch, so I left the store without anything.

That small almost insignificant deal in Manards let me know I would not do any further business with them of any kind

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If this store was as busy as most on black friday morning that quantity could have easily been in the long lines of carts waiting to be checked out.


And it's not "Spencer Creek " Menards. No wonder you didn't get any batteries.....I'm surprised you were even able to get there.


It's Menard's. Not Manards.

Also, get your batteries from a Dollar Tree store.

Alkaline at 4 for a dollar. Same quality as Eveready.