Green Bay, Wisconsin
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actually i want the promised rebate form as promised . i went on line to menards after spending 8.73 .

i went to their site and i cannot get the promised rebate form .. my printer does not work . i need to get ahold of this place to get the rebate form.the date of this transaction was 9/09/08..

we purchased foam caulk at 2.77 apiece totallying 8.73 bucks we were promised a rebate of one dollar for each "great stuff gaps & c " my printer is broke and i need a rebate form. this makes this hard for me

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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I don't find you threatening.


What a turd! Great Stuff is not a caulk. Like it says on the can, foam for gaps and cracks.


So you know they're on rebate, you don't actually pick up the rebate form from the store (which they have hundreds of hanging at the Front Office desk as you walk out), then blame the store for your incompetence. Makes sense.


probably shoulda picked one up at the store while you were there...


Just call the store and ask them to mail you a rebate form.....