Ann Arbor, Michigan
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i purchased all of my guttering for garage and house 4 months ago, there was 1 part that i needed 4 of in order to put my guttering up, drop outlets, these were on special order, as of yet, i havent received them, their reasons (menards), out of stock, then delayed, then discontinued, this last after 4 months, i cannot put the guttering up without these and i call at least 3 times weekly, but still can get no help. of course, they dont refund any money only products, now i have guttering i cant use until i can find the drop outlets to go with it

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Stop at any menards store with the sku/part# & they'll be able to look up if any of the stores have that item in stock yet. If they find one, have them give you the phone # to that store & call them direct to place an order over the phone to ship your drop outlet to you. Yes, you'll need to pay shipping, but the problem will be resolved.


That's called being helpless and completely other words,typical *** retail shopper.


We did recently switch vendors on vinyl gutters, and the new stuff doesnt work with the old. I find it silly to put up with the problem for 4 months.

The gutters aren't carried at Menards anymore, but the vendor is still in business. Go find the one piece that you need and hang the *** gutters.How in the world can you sit on your duff for 4 months over one stinking drop outlet?


definitely need more details.