Lake Mills, Wisconsin

I never realized what a slip shot operation Menards is. I was always a big Menards fan until they built their new BIG Menards.

I always felt like I was getting a good deal in the older smaller store; now I see that we the consumers are paying for the newer bigger store. The prices have definitely increased in the goods I used to buy regularly at the old store. Now, I am reading about how Menards is so bottom line money grubbing, not caring about hiring quality knowledgeable employees, not fair to their sickens me.

I think I'll make a switch to the Home Depot.

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The expression is "slip shod" not "slip shot".


My husband and I both own our own businesses. My husband, the builder, purchased siding from Menards since they were running a no interest special.

He told the associate he had a builder's credit card and wondered if the special still applied. He was told it did. We were charged interest on the siding. I brought it to the attention of the acct.

dept. at the store. Was told to bring the statement in and it would be changed, no problem. Went to the store and was told the special didn't apply to builders.

Asked for a store manager. Both of these people were extremely rude. The manager said the special didn't apply to builders. We told them we just wanted them to honor their word or we would have shopped somewhere else.

We said it's tough out there for everybody these days and was told it's not tough for Menards, they're doing fine. At that point we left vowing never to shop there again. The manager then said "have a nice day and merry christmas". I couldn't resist telling him as lots of customers were looking on that his sarcism just adds to the fact of how little training he had and how rude he was to us.

I also told him that he may be doing OK but with that kind of an attitude in this market he wouldn't last long and neither would Menards.

Thank you for putting up this website.


I do a various amount of shopping in the home improvement stores and I take a few extra minutes to price compare. I have always been a Home Depot Loyal consumer but that has since changed over the past 1 1/2 years.

Yes Menards is high priced but not on all the merchandise and I do make them sell me the exact item fir the price advertised at another home improvement store or related stores. I can only speak about 2 particular stores and the locations would be Gurnee and Antioch Illinos, these are the 2 stores that I have found to be helpful in selecting, finding, and loading their merchandise. I will agree that you do not always find a "smart cookie" in the bunch. None the less within the first minute to two minutes of talking with an associate you will observe if they will be helpful in your needs with their knowledge.

I have on several occasions had to cut off the associate in conversation and asked to speak with someone with knowledge of the product I am inquiring about, and will wait the extra few minutes until the knowledgeable associate arrives. In the long run to take that extra few minutes in the begining will really save wasteful time in the end. I have also noticed that Menards building material department has knowledgeable, helpful, handy associates and will do their best to help with the merchandise you need, by the way they are great at giving you a printed estimate and list of materials you will need for your project. On several occasions when they presented me with the listed estimate of materials I would need, they have included the small stuff that I didn't even think of to get.

That there saved me an extra trip or two back to the store.

On the negative side of Menards... management needs to be on the floor and checking in on all their associates and their performance. I also believe that you should not have to "hunt" down an associate for help and or questions. In the economy today and businesses going under, taking a reduction in sales, consumer comparisons, and consumers tightening up the wallets Menards as well as any other business should make customer service their number 1 priority and low prices their secondary priority.

We all need to be thankful for our jobs and careers but we must not forget that their are 10 people for every position offered! That should let the associates at Menards and every where else to emphasize more on customer service, attitudes, professionalism, appearance, and knowledge. Would it hurt for the employees to come to work looking professional, speaking professional, and taking their jobs seriously! I notice that with the associates they tend to think; chatting with co-workers, being on the phone, hiding, looking busy but unproductive, or just not wanting to interact with the consumers.

Well if Menards keep allowing this then the pricing keeps inflating and customer service keeps deflating. Why allow associates to collect a pay check but not be responsible for continuing the duties that are required, the professionalism, respect, common courteousness, knowledge that is required to do their job to the best of their ability.


I had a situation at the Menards in Germantown Wisconsin where I purchased a floor standing fan.

When I got home, I discovered it was missing the stand and side knobs.

I went back to the store for corrections and found it wasting a hour of my time because I was dealing with young employee's that didn't care about my time or the cost of me making the commute back to the store because I trusted them with a purchase that should have had missing components.

Finally a senior employee told me that sometimes people open items on the sales floor without the staff noticing. She gave me a diiferent fan that had all the parts.

It shouldn't have taken so long for the younger employees to figure out what to do.

This is what upset me the most, ... since these two young employee's could have done this for me within the first 10 minutes of me coming back with the merchandise. It's a no-brainer. But then, ... not everyone knows how to use their brains.


To all readers,

I stumbled on this site and happened to read complaints from you about a business whose products and policy I had problems with. I felt a connection with you all and a renewed anger for this business, its awful policy and low class employee’s. I began to post some of my problems, and I have dozens, and to my surprise every post was targeted with a response defending this company. Several times my workmanship was criticized and they always tried to find fault in the way I did something having never met or worked with me. That is very evident on all my posts in the first replies. I know that consumers reading these replies are not buying it; consumers are smarter than they think.

So I decided to write this and add it to every post. I can only assume that these people are paid by the company, possibly employee's, to target the critics and complaints and to discredit them in any way possible. Several attempts to discredit my posts included comments not backed up by facts and also attempts to question my abilities as an installer.

It’s bad enough that 1000's of us suffer problems from bad products or poor customer service and we are left feeling cheated, but to add insult to injury and to strike out at a complaint in the fashion that these people are doing is unacceptable. I know that lots of you people can connect with me and my problems. You know exactly what I am talking about if you post your problem here. My guess is that people looking at this web site did not come here to defend places they shop, they are here to complain. So reading a discrediting reply to my posts leaves me in confusion as to who is writing it. I wish this company would put forth an equal effort to satisfy upset customers instead of using tactics like this. It would go a long way in preventing these complaints and I have several more. Time will not be good to them.



employees come here to defend the store against baseless attacks. in today's economy, businesses are going to have to increase prices.

seen how high gas is selling for these days? think that might have something to do with it?

i'm amazed you think that lowe's or home depot would be any better. their prices are almost exactly comprable, and their service is lagging. actually, i KNOW that home depot has the worst service on the planet.

i don't understand how you could disagree with that. HD is closing stores left and right, while menards and lowe's do a better job of servicing and attempting to keep prices down.

hopefully, some of you take an economics class next time instead of whining like a child when a store has to increase the price of an item just to turn a profit.



Sitting here reviewing all the responses as a netural person. BUT hey what is going on here. Is menards that bad, they need to pay there employees better, by the responses it seems that they hire poor educated people. I rarely shop at Menards, I noticed this website and was curious,

I see that there a lot of Menards employees responding, is head office that slow they are paying staff to respond. It seems they follow the one out of ten rule, out of ten customers you only lose one to poor service.

I guess the word on the street is true, that Menards is the Kmart of home improvement. Froom wood to food, "do you want milk with that door?" .

Menards are you losing market share that now as you are dying you are getting pissed off at consumers?.

Humans make mistakes but to correct your mistakes is graceful.

Well thank goodness there is Lowes and Home depot.

Smart shoppers becareful, an informed consumer is a cost saving consumer.