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2 days ago, I went to Menards to get supplies for a project I'm starting at my house. And I can't get it out of my head how upset I was by the time I left there.

I really do LOVE MENARDS! I go in there and "get lost" looking the stuff. My mind starts going in all directions. It's my favorite store, for a girl that's kinda weird...

Anyway, 3.5 hrs later with my cart full $300 worth (28 items), I head to the checkout. Nothing *** me off more than the Menards checkout! I complained directly to Menards when they first changed to this process, no response. Not surprised.

Whatever genius thought this was a good idea - was wrong on so many levels!! After putting my stuff on the conveyor belt, the cashier whipped thru all my items, which were then getting jammed up at the bottom. I went to the end of the checkout to bag my stuff, while the cashier stands there an watches help, no comments, just stands there and watches. I had asked them to have someone bring to the front a power washer that was on sale for $104 because I had no room in my cart.

This took 4 people chatting on walky talkies, asking me about the power washer. It was the only one that was $104 on sale. Can't miss it, not sure why it was so confusing. Then they had a stock clerk carry it out to my car for me, while I pushed my cart.

He put the power washer in the backseat and then thanked me and walked away. While I was unloading my cart......offered no help. The result - my 3.5 hrs spent in lala land, ended with me being like WTF happened to customer service!! They are very helpful in the store when you are looking for something, if you can find someone.

But once you get to check out, forget it.

You're on your own!

The sad part, it's my favorite place to go! I have option to go to Home Depot (and did yesterday), as well as, Lowe's (which I'll be going to tonight after work).

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Menards Cons: I hate the checkout.

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Guess what?? The guy who thought the register system was a good idea - his name is on the building.

I can assure you he couldn't care less that you don't like it.


You are shopping at a big box self service store. If you are looking for personal service go somewhere like ACE hardware.

The smaller locally owned hardware stores are known for service. Just be prepared to pay more for the help you will get.


Why would you want some total stranger placing bags into your vehicle? All because of customer service?

That's insane! I've been the person that helps load heavy or bulk items into peoples vehicles, there is nothing more awkward. Some vehicles are a complete mess and you have no idea where to put it. Others times the vehicle is not big enough for the item and it's a 20 minute battle to make it fit because the person refuses to see reason.

Others the person just stares at you and says nothing, expecting you to work magic. The last thing I want to do is put it in your vehicle and scratch it for you to complain about what happened, so you better direct me exactly how you want it. I know I'd never be so lazy to expect or want some total stranger who could mess something up or steal from me place items in my vehicle. Get over yourself.

Customer service is a word that is thrown around to hold entitlement over others. What about respecting all humans. You should be treated based on how you treat the others that help you. If you want to kick dirt in their face because of entitlement they should be able to kick it right back.

Perhaps they should run to the internet and complain about how terrible of a customer you were.

Far to many customers don't realize how rude or condensing their being. Some simply just don't care, they're looking to make your life a living *** and if you step out of line their going to ask for your lively hood.


My you must live in another world than I do. Check yourself buddy.


Go to your local menard, walmart, lowes, home Depot doesn't matter. Apply for a job as a cart pusher.

Return in 6 months. Tell me your feelings......

You can't walk around treating ppl like *** because you just paid their boss' boss' boss' boss $30 margin to PROVIDE YOU A SERVICE....

Or I guess if that is the world you live in then you hook me up with all this material and when you get here I'm gonna have you do some *** for me too. Best believe you better not talk back neither boy. And I swear to god if you don't know absolutely everything about everything while at the same time making me feel as if I am the one that knows all, that's 16 lashes.

30 dollars will go to your owners and you will then bow with grace and leave......

Does this sound like your world.... .Donald?