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I've noticed ALOT of people on here claiming to be menards employees who are rude and disrespectful and are trying to get a kick out of other peoples pain. Also the Team members complaining about their job. I started as a part-timer and i worked hard and did everything I could to get more hours and more money... after 8 months I was promoted to an assistant manager. 8 months after that I was promoted to a department manager. Worked in the front as a part timer worked in receiving during the summer and then on the sales floor. IT IS NOT A HARD JOB! They give profit sharing they give bonuses spiffs and extra money for working on the weekend! When im in overtime mode on the weekends im making 20.00 an hour. now explain to me how thats low pay... Stop complaining if your willing to put in the work they recognize it. BTW 3 stores... count em 3! so you cant say its a fluke in that one store that they are decent. So many lazy people... its so hard finding good team members in departments... while looking through applications you might find 3 out of 30 that are decent acceptable applications. I have a great team in cabinets and appliances who are smart work hard and pride on guest service.

To the consumers... I really hope the few people here posting dont give you the idea we dont care... There is not much that can be said when you've had a bad experience in a store and you've made the choice not to go back. I just hope you know not all stores or even general managers act like some of the postings i've seen. I've had numerous Store Gms and AGMs who Would never tolerate guests being treated like that. I promise it is not the companys aim to loose trust in our guests. Sometimes we are crippled by policies but they are put their in place for a reason. I know that in many cases we skip policy to take care of the guest. My general managers slogan is bad service goes around better than good service. So just take care of the guest and make them happy so they may come back and tell of the great service they have. Just dont take the words of the few folks on here that act like they are better than the guest. They are usually immature that just clock in for the paycheck and want an easy job.

under the review type its stated for im pissed... because of the cowards who make the rest of us look bad on here.

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I have a slight step up on most of the people posting on here, I've personally done just about every job in this store. I've worked for 4 stores plus the GO, I know people who work in the door plant, block plant, countertops inc, and the distribution centers. Plus I've personally met John, JR, Larry, Gaylen, Scott, and a laundry list of other very businessmen men. They care about money not team members, and the only reason they care about the guest is the money they provide.

The hardest job in the store bar none?

-The general manager, they get to deal with all the guests yelling at them. FEM's have to deal with a great deal of being screamed at also, but realistically if it gets to rough the GM takes over.

The easiest job in the store?

-Morning stocking, you don't deal with many guests and you focus on just getting the products out.

Cabinets and Appliances is a mentally demanding job, until you master the computer. After that it's one of the easier jobs of the store, and most of the time when you screw up the GM is the one who gets to fix your problem.

Hardware is almost the most physically demanding job. Whether you accept it or not hardware is the largest department of the store. Most people forget to include shelving, garden center, seasonal, and automotive into this department.

Receiving is the most physically demanding job, everything in that store has went through receiving and has been moved by receiving.

Millwork is the easiest department in the store, very little freight, and paradigm is a very simple program to use.

Electrical, Plumbing, and Building Materials are the most mentally challenging departments. You need to be intelligent to thrive in them as you need to retain a lot of otherwise useless information. Building Materials is remembering the equations you didn't think you needed in geometry. Electrical and Plumbing are remembering what specific products are used for, and what contractors call the products.

Frontend (carryouts and cashiers), Wallcoverings, and Floorcoverings are all the departments that it is easy to slack off in.

I've worked for other retail establishments and Menards loved me as I am extremely retail orientated. But the politics of Menards are horrible, and the company truly does not care about it's employees. Which is why many of the team members hate their jobs, and take it out on guests. The pay is pathetic when you take out the 'bonuses' which are not guaranteed. And no I'm not a previous team member who got fired and is taking it out on the company. I'm a team member who left after being forced to lie to guests on a daily basis, and being forced to treat the guest like they do not matter.

I came in as a part-timer in a very small store, and I was encouraged to work off the clock to make payroll so the managers wouldn't lose their bonuses. Because we were such a small store we followed the bad service goes around more than good service philosophy. Every guest that came into our store was treated well regardless to how much they spent, because we needed them. I willingly worked off the clock to help, because I loved my job.

The bigger stores and the general office however, do not follow these ideals. And just so everyone does know, the managers do in fact go through yearly brainwashing at the general office. It's called seminars, also you are highly encouraged to go to political speeches by whatever republican official comes into town. Not to mention there is now in home training how to be a good citizen and vote.

It is an extremely corrupt company to work for if you *** the rose colored glasses. Which is why there are two different types of team members at Menards; you have people who are overly optimistic about their jobs, and the ones who absolutely hate their jobs.

So if you love working for Menards and are lucky enough to work for a small store, good for you. But don't talk for every one in this company, some people get to deal with the evils of the company. And like my boss said "They'll keep treating team members like this, and paying them this way until new employees stop coming." No I'm not joking someone pretty high up on the totem poll said this.


I agree with the original poster. I work in Hardware, and if I work 1 weekend day per week, my pay is roughly equivalent (at 30 hours) to what I was making weekly as a manager at a different retailer, where I worked twice as many hours, and did not have 4 levels of management above me to handle upset guests.

It all came to me to handle. My blood pressure has actually improved since coming to Menards. For those in comments who are posting the opposite, you have one of three things going on: 1. You are just not cut out for retail (most people are not), and should try to find something else that will make you happy, 2.

There's a problem with management in your specific department, and it is up to you to go a level up or call the 800 hotline, or 3. You will find something negative anywhere you go, and will always assume someone else's job is easier than yours. Such people will complain about every company where they work. A fourth possible scenario is that you're very young, and just don't know better yet.

Every department in the store has something about it that makes it tougher than every other department in some way, but not in others.

You should never assume that because another department is not doing the same work as you that they are lazy. If every department did the same work, there would be no need for departments, and every team member would have to know everything in the whole store.


Ive had quite a few jobs and menards was probably the easiest. if dealing with guests is the toughest part of your job then dont whine...

After spending 10 hours a day in 120 degree coal elevators the summer before, menards was a walk in the park. my point: quit your btchn.


Cab apps.. lol.

The laziest department in the store. Try hardware on the weekends where you deal with the most people by far and need to know the most sinceyou are half the store . You might say "oh we have to measure stuff exact." Wow basic geometry i learned in 6th grade.

Also there is no way you are at 20$ an hour in less than 2 years. Oh and yes i work there in hardware.


I worked for Menards for over 10 years. I worked at 7 stores in several different states.

I was an assistant general manager when I left. I can tell you that that company has changed over the last 10 years. When I started and Larry was operations manager, you could tell they cared about their employees ( most of the time). After Larry, everything changed.

Now they could care less. As long as you show up to work and no one complains about you, your golden. You could be the most useless person in the world, but if can kiss but, you'll be a general manager one day. I've seen the best and hardest workers who were the most honest people get fired in a heartbeat over the smallest things.

Menards' philosophy is that there are millions of people looking for a job. There is no reason to care about our employees, everyone can be replaced at a moments notice.

As for "in home training", every other company in the world pay their employees to train. Not Menards. They expect everyone to do the training at home on their own time.

How crazy is that? Everyone there is so brainwashed to think that's ok! It's nuts.


Assistant General Managers only make 13.10 per hour.

If you take away bonuses which your not supposed to depend on anyway, that's why they are called bonuses and not paychecks, they only make 30k a year. Overtime is not a guarantee either.


30K? You don't know what you are talking about.

Overtime not guaranteed? You are wrong... all the GM's work at least 50 per week.



See this is what I. Sfind funny...

part timers such as yourself who walk around pretending to know more than you think you know... my brother in law is a 2nd assistant general manager.. he would like to know where this "bonus" you get for promoting team members comes from. And yes you are so correct there only *** kissers get promoted lol....

you sound bitter. Your looking at a team member who started out as part time harware. I know its difficult. but you sit down and design a 10 thousand dollar kitchen and then tell me how " easy " it is...

one incorrect measurment and the whole things screwed up. Its a bit more challenging then saying " oh screw drivers , they are in isle 155" the point I'm making is that cab apps takes actual guest service and these people complaining about rude people need to quit being whiners and do your job. And fyi I'm no MT but your sounding like a bitter team member who prolly shows up late or doesn't do in home training and that's why your mad because mts are getting those spots. Its not "***" kissing to get promotions.

Its hard work good guest service and putting in decent work. Btw before you judge about my spot and talk your hardware managers hours up think about the little bit of people who work on cab apps schedule. So sinse I only have 4 team members and they are new so they can't open that means on tuesdays thursdays and saturdays my assistant and I work 630am to 10 pm... and EVERY manager in my store works 8 to 8 Sunday and atleast 10 - 10 so that's not "busy season" as you called it for your hardware managers its called policy and procedure normal working hours for every manager in every store not just yours ;) p.s eletrical is the smallest dpt...

then floorcoverings... then cab apps...

if your going to keep complaining about menards and talk down to consumers on here maybe quit... and let someone who needs the job and will do it right without complaining about it.


The only time they get a bonus is when a manager trainee is promoted to another store and it's added on to his IPS increasing it's rate. It may be a rumor but that's what I've told from a manager.

My GM's bonus in for 2011 was 12,000 dollars in made 13,500 in 2012 and we promoted 3 manager trainees that year. He is at his max pay and max % cause he has been with us for a good 12 years now. Show up late? I always show up 5 minutes early(like we are allowed) and out work everyone in the Department and everyone in my Department knows it.

I don't care to be a manager or even a full timer. Whole place is jacked up. I scored a 5 out of 5 the last time I was secret shopped, we are graded on the 5 steps of the sale process if you didn't know, the rest of the store bombed that one. I've witnessed the most lazy employees get buy with out hassle as long as no guest complains about them.

I've been sat down on 3 occasions and threatened with being fired because some guest made a bogus complaint about me. I've witnessed very good workers be let go because one of silly complaint by a crazy guest.

Another worker in my Department he has been here 5 years now 1/2 year longer than me he has been employee of the month 6+ times and he agrees with me on everything I've said here. It's not what you do it's who kiss up to at my store.


Cabinets and Appliances the easiest and smallest department in the store. You're the only sales department that get to sit down during the day. The most people shopping in that department at a time is 2-3 people, majority of the time it's empty.... Menards is a easy job when you can go to work and do whatever you want as long as you get a crazy guest...

Menards will hire any one to be a manager as long as they are an *** kisser. The last 4 manager trainees at my store were all useless, they all instantly got promoted after being in each department for only two weeks. They always come to hardware last and they all still knew nothing by the time they got there. For everyone my GM pops out he gets a higher bonus it doesn't matter if they're actually good at their job.

I suggest if you want a real department/challenge try hardware, it's hands down the busiest hardest department in the store and the largest. I've yet to see one manager trainee want to go to be promoted into a hardware department. They can't handle it. It's way to much work and way to much to know.

I could go on and on why you're wrong, but all you live for is money that was your only supportive argument to a decent job. Hardware managers work 60 hours a week during the summer at my store. Hardware managers are also required to work from 10am to 10pm on Saturday then are expected to work 8am to 8pm on Sundays, and they don't get to sit down like the laid back cab/apps department.


I've been with menards for over 3 years now. I work the front end & let me tell you, it's far from an "easy" job.

I can"t understand why you need to bash cab apps employees for not doing anything or being lazy. Many times they are the department that has the highest sales & best guest service. Just because they're department may be smaller than hardware does not mean they are working any less. They put in longer hours than any employee in hardware besides the hardware managers.

yes, hardware is a large department with high guest demands but they also have the highest number of employees working for their department. Plumbing is just as large of a section as hardware & they have less help. As far as MT, some of them work out & some don't. they went through schooling and are here to learn more, so when they are put in a dept after two weeks of learning, they won't know everything.

I've seen so many hardware team memebers fired for being caught on camera walking around aimlessly or hanging out in the mez or not helping guests or being on their phone. Starting out as a hardware team memeber , there's not much we depend on you for besides stocking & directing guests to product....& half the time we get guest complaints because hardware team members don't do their job properly. If you are hardworking & respectful, you can go far in the company. it's only an easy job if you slack off & don't do your part.

it can be long hrs but yes the pay can be great. we start off at a dollar above minimum & on weekend its 2 dolars above that. why complain when there's room in the company to grow. Team members that complain this much about their job are the ones that aren't doing their job properly.

There aren't always great GMs or managers but that comes with any job you'll find. every department manager works 60 hrs or more a week because it can be a difficult job. In my store, our department managers know what they are doing & have been there 5 or more years. Many of our team members are promoted for product knowledge, the ability to work long hours, & great guest service.

I have yet to see an *ss kisser be promoted. that's not the way we run, & it never gets the job done. & the only reason a department would be able to sit down woud be to fill out a large sale & actually sit & talk with a guest face to face.

When i first started, i was constantly late, but they saved my *** because i was hard working. far from a kiss *** & i was promoted within a year.


One no plumbing is not as big. Two i have been a part timer in hardware for about a year and a half, and 10-12 hour days are normal.

(Doubt you work LONGER than some of us do in a day.) Two what do you guys do that makes you think you work just as hard? You might take your job seriously but your not walking all over half the store and lifting patio furniture, lawn mowers, generators, and anything else. We also have to know more about a wider virety of products. Dont forget we have to handle the garden center as well.

All im saying is whenever i am done with my shift and i walk by cap apps the person who is working is sitting slouched in their chair. So, i HIGHLY doubt your department is harder to work in than hardware.


NoJoke, I hope you don't mind if I put my two cents in here. I started out in electrical part time, then to plumbing as full time , then to asst of plumbing, then to hardware as asst.

where I was in charge of garden center, Halloween, and the ENTIRE Christmas planogram then to the Electrical Manager and where I am now as the Cab/Apps manager plus I have worked many departments in between when they needed coverage.. My point is.. Hardware is very busy and demanding job but Cab/Apps is a very demanding and stressful job as well. Not a day goes by that I don't have to move fridges, washing machines, etc.

It is not only that but generally there is only one person on the clock to deal with guests on the floor, section for success, kitchen design, guest issues, vendor issues, special order problems, and all the other things that running a department entails. If your saying that Hardware "physically" works harder.. your right but it takes a really "strong" person to work in Cab/Apps as well.. Hardware is all about POG's and volume..

Cab/Apps is all about detail and guest service. When I worked in hardware, I never had to spend 3 hours with one guest about a mower...

It is JUST DIFFERENT.. As a former Hardware Manager, dont resent them and learn what your cab/apps team knows because some day you might just be there..