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Its been over 3 week have not received my online order call the store spoke with two manager problem not slove i was told i was going to received a call back no one has not reach out to me im very upset order number LVNA85502

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The comments section needs to be purged of the Menards loving demons.

to Anonymous #1488978

I don't see a lot of love here. There are a number of posts that support the idea that Menards has it's shortcomings and pointing out the reality that the people working in the stores can't help you with on-line orders.

Don't blame the people working in the stores for policies set by people parked at a desk in a corporate office. It's a corporate decision not to provide on-line information to the stores.

to Anonymous #1489130

Menards have "multiple issues" besides online ordering. The idiots at the top are ruining Menards.

Make no mistake about it, Menards are criminals. I hope it burns to the ground, and you shills are fools.


Sounds like a bunch of hateful menards aholes replying here. When I was rider in a store or online, the business shouldn't be 100% incompetent on tracking the order.

If they can't, then their system is broken.

I know first hand ordering from menards is a joke. The last thing I ordered was lost at the store it was delivered too.

to Ryan #1488339

Just people telling the truth. Employees at one Menards store can not track an order you placed at another Menards store.

Why do you think they can track an on-line order? Calling a Menards store to track an on-line order is no more helpful than calling Lowes Or Home Depot and asking them what the status of your Menards on-line order is.


Sounds like some old *** who can’t figure out there is a difference between STORE and ONLINE. They then make a assumption that it IS all one and that assumption causes them to act out.

Hey OP the store has ZERO to do with online. Maybe learn first...........THEN CRITICIZE!


when you place an order online, your local store doesn't know a thing about it! If it shipped to your house, they don't know.

If it ships to the store for pick-up, they literately don't know anything about the order until it gets to the store and they get the information on who is going to pick it up. Why you would think any thing else i have no idea.

to Anonymous #1488135

Really? Menards pays you to monitor this site.


Was this an order placed at a store or on-line? I don't understand why you would call a store if it was placed on-line.

If it was placed on-line you will need to communicate with their customer service via e-mail. The employees in a store have nothing to do with on-line ordering and won't be able to help you.

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