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I was screamed at by an employee because my mask was below my nose. It was cold and snowy that day and I put my mask below my nose because my glasses were fogged up and I could not see.

I was no where near another shopper or associate and I still got screamed at.

Screaming at customers is not the correct way to make customers aware of your mask policy. Screaming at customers should NEVER happen.

User's recommendation: To stop going to Menards. There are way more places to find the same items Menards has.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Location: 3309 North Baltimore Street, Kirksville, MO 63501

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"your mask policy" The mask policy has been a thing for nearly a year now. Simple how-to's to show non compliant fools like you how to wear them has been out there just as long.

YOU just didn't want to comply. Hopefully, you're not lying and were YELLED AT.

People are tired of people like YOU. Stay home if you can't handle a mask you entitled jelly.


If you were nowhere near another customer or associate how could one of their employees have "screamed" at you? If YOU had been wearing a mask properly this would have never happened. Grow up and take some responsibility and wear a mask properly when you are shopping.

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