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I was at your store in Ontario Ohio I was rudely called stupid by one of your employees I am going to say that the police were called I was asked to leave the premises and never to return I've been trying to resolve this matter because I do shop at Menards quite often and figure out why this employee wasn't recommended in I was asked to leave I am formed in that I smelled alcohol on the employee and the manager did not care now that I'm trying to get a better answer to my problem I find out the answer to the manager that I had was also having problems with that day was fired and told to leave premises now I believe that I'm in the right here and I believe your manager at the time was completely rude to me and over exerted his power of handling the situation by calling to please other than handling employee that was not doing his job thank you

Location: Mansfield, Ohio

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It even happens to people who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly. This clown replying is a store manager who knows Menards is going to file for bankruptcy.

He won’t be replying to complaints long. He will be a Home Depot himself sweeping floors.


It would be interesting to hear both sides of the store. Police don't get called and trespass notices handed out unless you were stealing or really unruly.


There's the right side of store where I am acting very nervous and suspiciously and while wearing my backpack and then there's the left side of the store where my accomplices are making off like a bandit while all of the store security's eyes are on me.

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