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The Sedalia,Mo Menards is a joke! They are always advertising on sale products and when you get there the very same day it goes on sale there either the wrong size or gone and they never get the product back.

The St Joseph,Mo Menards is a very good store as they do have a very good stock of products.

I am so mad I feel like never going back to the Sedalia,Mo Menards. Also the Sedalia Democrat paper now comes out on saturday with sales so I went saturday to by the sale item at Menards and they told me I couldn't buy it until sunday then the next sunday they had changed it to saturday.Joke Joke Joke they are!

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We have NEVER EVER had a problem. This store is EXCELLENT IN SERVICE AND SALES.

POLITE AND helpful always. We have spent over 55,000 dollars and not one problem and a lot of rebates.


I have had problems like this also, special ordered things, delivered then it came out to be wrong wrong size and items, had to send it back , had to repay for delivery their and back.


I have a problem and told them about. I have tried calling the

1-660-827-2950 a hundred times on 2 different phones and 1 time it worked, all other times it says the number has been disconnected. I know its not been disconnected and there is no other # to call that I have found.


This is why I always call before going. I have an 90 mile round trip.


Another thing it's not the stores fault if Eau Clair decides to put something on sale and the store is out of stock that is the dc. You can't blame the sedalia store for that.


You also need to check the adds for "while supplies last" because that pretty much means they will be out if you wait. Especially crazy days.


We aren't saying it's the people who work their mistake. It's just that we wish that menards would go a little bit farther to help us.

I have been very lucky the associate who works at the menards in Sedalia has been wonderful my concern is that the company don't take responsibility for its mistakes. The have either the customers take the blunt of the mistakes or honestly I've seen a great deal of the associate at that store taken the blame for mistakes their, when I'm reality the truth is it, management and corporate responsibility.


I also have a complaint about Menards in Sedalia. I was looking to purchase a couple mirrors which were on sale (tag said $60- sign also said buy one framed mirror/get second half price).

Once I got the mirrors to check-out, I noticed some minor damage from where they had been stored against each other. I asked the kid at the register if I they would be willing to reduce it because of the damage. When she said no, I asked if there was a store manager who I could speak with about it. Once the manager got there- it was all " giggles and secrets" between her and the manager.

I politely interupted and said, hey are you the manager? I'm interested in the mirrors, but there some damage I'd like to show ya. Can you reduce them any more? Hesitantly he said he'd check (like he was being forced to work or something).

10 minutes later (after watching him visit with fellow employs for a while), he finally went to look at the mirrors. 10 minutes after that, I seen him still wondering around. I asked the kid at the register if he found out anything. With a smirk, she sarcastically said- we're not redcing it nor does the buy on get one half off apply.

After that experience, we decided to not buy anything at menards, and walked out (probably not to return)- lucky for us, we have lots of options of places to spend our money- like Lowes which is directly across the street. As for the childish cashier and the unprofessional manager (if thats what you'd like to call him), they both could use a little mentorship on professional behavior- if you know what I mean.




FYI.. The local paper now only has a weekend paper..The Sedalia store had to wait for approval from Menards Inc.

to honor the sales on Saturday..hence the reason it changed the next week you were there.

The store is allocated a small number of sales products..YOU are not the only one shopping there.. Hundreds of people go there for the great sales, so either get there earlier or quit ***


If that sale was a crazy days sale then no, you may not be able to find it again. The crazy days sale is like a black friday sale.

They have limited amount of product per store. You need to get there sooner if you want the product on sale.