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got email to check in, getting closer on book , since I can not use wrist for long at time ,will be using Voice to write up on Computer and to to then have Actual Court hearing and appeal hearing paper work also, you see They, him and Greg ,Jareld and all got big kick out of thinking they pulled fast on. but when I ended up on Disability the University of Minnesota Drs.

went over Medical Records and stated WAS Work Injurys.. for 13 yrs I let it go and lived in Poverty or right under it in pay scale... do you think they would buy the book for 10.00 ...hope so. and the day theey did in court Greg ran outy and called John with glee. proud of themselves... Oh so so Very Sad they were..

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I was take to the cleaner when Injured working for him [ John Menard ] ya, was a while ago, but was wondering how it would be in Civil Law case on Menards, clinic,Hospital, Work Comp and and misc Attorneys on Illegally Blocking Medical treatment to cause Permanent Injurys, that were yes were proven by Federal court to be ordering "Hand only" ex-rays day of doctor visit for Bilateral wrist injurys and Upper extremity Injurys, how they did was to do deNova hearing and change injurys all together and then have judge rule on Injurys not even present...Slick they say.....well, it was in original medical records..from their DRs. that was not Gillette Injury but work related and they decided to play God with my life and did get.

don't get me wrong, but I just wonder if would be worth my see if Karma truly does come back, I could try for 1 million ,since I have lost close to half of that over the last 12 years.. ..not to mention my Granddaughter,see poor people have hard times buying gifts for their Only Grandchild..

U of M verified that records where Work Injurys, and in my appeal, Judge for Work Comp appeal Never even looked at.. Good thing I am Honest Person and I hope Karma does its job Well

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by the way , when I found in appeal that Greg had ordered hand x rays only on BIlateral wrist injuries and stretched out wait on treatment to mar 2000,which came up still showing bruised bones at that time proved to say ligaments where shoot and permanent for use.... I wish I had the money and *** to go after him, he would end up in jail.


There is nothing coherent about your post. It makes no sense what so ever.

No sentence structure, nothing that even completes a full statement. From what I gather you want to take Menards to court. You will lose! Menards will have way better lawyers!

Menards will know how to write an argument and support it properly! Not to mention how long ago it appears to have occurred, you would lack evidence!


you must be a Manager ;]


What are all of you talking about!!! I can't follow any of you id1ots


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It can be done. You might have proof that your injuries were work related, however, the test results didn't say what work, did they?

If this happened 12 years ago, there could be a statute of limitations.


Ya, they did show, also they stretched out so testing on wrists were 9 months after done, by then ligament were shot, bad hand ex-rays did not show wrist injurys ,so lifting rest. were set at 30 lbs instead of 5 lbs it should have been..

I know with the money, I started at 500. and am now just at 800. 00 mo. the point I am making is they played games and all went permanent, I was 43 at time and should have been best time of my life.

I also am thinking of using court case in book, We will see .. :roll


didn,t you get it, they did DeNova hearing to keep all medical records out of court and CHANGED THE INJURYS ,his lawyer tryed pulling the same garf... illegal is illegal, who else got paid well...


hey, No worry Big John, saw Milwakee times on both articles and just so loved it, all know the true on how you operate, I will stay another 14 yrs with next to nothing and No car ,just to watch you fall, oh 7 billion you said you had, but karma is more then money Easy Come Easy Go.. I made me smile and thats good enough for me ..seems I thoughtr Mr Trump was Bigger man, then to let you tag around with him,

I so liked what he had to say, not to much anymore, I was brought up to have faith in people and trust them, in court I told the truth and had 6 mos.

physical therapy to show it, what better way to shove onto someone elses Ins. Co. and not cover a sent then to change the injurys and have judge rule on non-existing injurys;] oh It was proven by U of M Spec.

that it was Work Injurys.. let me know when the karma hits..