Chicago, Illinois

I got a flyer with a computer cord, that was supposed to have a rebate. I bought one of the two on the shelf.

When I went on thursday and bought the cord, they told me the rebate was not effective until this weekend. I got a refund, and was told that I could get one of the cords on Sunday and get the rebate then. I went today and they did not heve any of the cords,was told by the girl at the desk at the enterance that they did have one in another store but it was in another state. I had a minor with me and was not able to take her to another state as she is under state protection.

I used to shop at Menards for all my home improvement items and garden purchased. But I will go to Lowes from now on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

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This has absolutely nothing to do with Jesus.


Why don't you try some of that forgiveness that Jesus talked so much about so much?


The AD with the cord you mentioned was on the "Crazy Day's Sale" and since you had the AD you should have been smart enough to READ THE EFFECTIVE SALE DATES! The AD clearly states that the sale on your cord was "WHILE SUPPLIES LAST" and since you CHOSE TO WAIT UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY OF THE SALE IT IS YOUR FAULT!


Learn to read. The ad was for 3 days, Friday, Saturady and Sunday.

Super low prices limited to quantities on hand. Why would you think you would get the price on Thursday?

With the low prices many items were sure to go fast... Should have gone in on Friday, the first day of the sale.