New Philadelphia, Ohio

I purchased a discontinued dishwasher maytag #4615041, dept. mgr mike fox said he had two in stock, one in a box and the other a floor model. I told him I wanted the one in a box and he said they would get it ready. I went home to get my truck and when I returned the one in the box was marked wrong and the floor model was sold and couldn't get any more. I asked to be compensated on another model and was refused. I traveled 50 miles round trip. I'm not very happy with the way this was handled.


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Give the guy a break. He made a mistake.

Everyone wants something for nothing these days.

Some people make working with the public so terrible.




You should have stayed and not left until the situation was taken care of. The Better Business Bureau loves to hear about things like this, and should.


That is sad. If you prepaid on a dishwasher and it was marked wrong they should have done a price adjustment or in store credit as determined by the General Manager. At my store we would have done something.


Too bad everyone isn't as perfect as you are. Unfortunately someone who wasn't marked the box.


I can't believe you let that happen.