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Well i brung in my receipt at first he said he would honor it then he seen how much yall bricks was compared to Lowes and he told me plan out he can't see himself losing money so he not gonna do.Now i spend alot of money at your store and thats how i get treated i mean whats really going on..Should i call the knews people cause i really don't think thats right...He say he gonna lose money.I say your gonna lose a customer and many more about this one some bricks thanks.

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Nice tooth, loser!!


I would have matched that price for you at my store just to see the smile on your face... then slapped it off with the very same brick you purchased... retard


I'm quite sure with Menards being a mostly Midwestern based company and not a Major National company as Lowe's and Depot are...that they spend much more time and effort with checking competitiors pricing and staying on top of their pricing than Lowe's and Depot do in checking out Menard's.

Not many companies will competitively match a price unless it is for the exact same item.As stated above Menard's also owns their own concrete/block plants while Lowe's and Depot purchase from others so it's not likely that the gentleman with the spelling problems above was even matching like items while demanding the price be matched.


In order to get yourself taken seriously, learn how to spell, use the correct words and construct sentences first. How can you intelligently present your case to someone babblin? I wouldn't match your price either.


If it is the exact same product they do match prices. Of course they can't just take your word for it or they'd go out of business. You need to provide proof that a cheaper price is out there.


I love it, how the FIRST thing out of these people's mouth is. " You know i spend alot of money in here"


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Gawd, it is SO FUNNY when John or Larry Menard get half in the bag and write complaints about their own company!


Really...Before you want to even try to bad mouth ANYTHING...

Consider learning to spell or use the correct version of a word. Should you call the knews?

News?Are you ten?


I am going to guess that these were 2 different kinds of landscape bricks.I know for a fact that Menards has different blocks than Lowes and the prices are much better because Menards doesn't buy them from a supplier.

Their own company makes them.It always amuses me when I read what is obviously half of the story!

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