Chicago, Illinois

I purchase an air conditioning unit and didn't work when I went to returned

it to the Menards store located at 26th and Cicero Avenue, Chicago, IL the customer service people and the manager were very rude and really gave me hard time returning the air conditioning unit at the end the manager after waiting for almost 40 minutes showed up to approve the return because it was more the 100.00 dollars to tell me you will get your money in 3-5 days and thats nothing I can do with a very NASTY attituted and had the big nerve to call security to take me out of the store, ARE YOU INSAINED what't their problem we are the ones that at the end pay their salary. I hope that you can do something about this store and the way they treat customers specially minorities.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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hey broad .I puts it to alot of black stop with the race card bs..minority my ***..cry me's a freakin river :cry


unless you paid with cash dont expect to get cash back on the spot,or if its a check past 14 takes 3-5 days if you paid credit or debit..any place you do a return and its credit will do the same thing..the stores release the return to account right away its up to your bank to post the amount back in to your account and thats why it takes a couple days.and if your acting like a *** yelling and threatening you WILL get escorted out by security..i like how people like to talk about what was wrong to them but dont talk about what they do wrong and yes any high amount return done has to be approved by a manager


Menards has a BIG promotion with Direct Tv. You get a $100 gift card when you sign up as a new customer.

Direct Tv WILL not honour this. It is a big scam!

Really big!I have signed up as a new customer and 4 hours later no one knows how to honor the promotion. big BS deal!


Funny story about this store. When it opened in 2005, I interviewed for it to be an AGM, which I already was at another store.

I was told from someone in the know beforehand that they were going to hire 3 white, one black, and one Latino. Sure enough, thats what ultimately happened....and I didn't get it. Its in the hood, so its probably a good thing....but the story is still amusing.

Menards isn't going to give you a refund on this A/C unit.

They are keeping it because they think its stolen.

You probably acted like a retard and deserved security being called. Just a hunch.


!st, did you have your receipt. 2nd how did you act when you presented the product for return. The only reason you would be escorted out of the store by security is that you were acting in a manner not expected of a rational adult.


The only reason that they would make you wait for a refund, was that you paid with a check. And any business would make you wait for the check to clear. That is just common sense.