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First I want to say that I LOVE Menards. I live in Kirksville MO and up until a few years ago, we did not have Menards in Kirksville, but I would always go to the one in Columbia, MO, Springfield, MO or Ottumwa IA when I visited those cities, well, because I just love Menards.

So when we got one of our own, my husband and I were both thrilled. But, I recently had a horrible experience and now I don't ever want to go back to one. We went in on a Sunday a few weeks ago and it was snowing and very cold. I had a mask on, over my nose and mouth like I am supposed to, but I wear glasses and my glasses had fogged up, so I pulled my mask down below my nose for a few seconds to get my glasses to unfog and during those few seconds I got screamed at by an employee of the Kirksville Menards.

While I totally understand the importance of wearing a mask and wearing it properly ( I work at a high school) I do not think yelling at your customers is right. I was no where near any other employee or customer when I had my mask down below my nose. Yelling at your customers is just making you lose customers. I went next door to Home Depot and purchased a new washer, dryer and stove/oven.

Your store lost over $1800 that day. I think that you need to rethink your policy of yelling at your customers. I called to talk to the manager and basically she just said Ok, Ok, Ok. Never apologized.

I have seen other stories on social media ( Facebook) about this happening to them at Mendards.

This disheartens me, because I used to love Menards. Now I simply cannot go back if this is your policy.

Location: Kirksville, Missouri

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Try taking your glasses off for a few minutes rather than lowering your mask. Stop and think of how many excuses people working in stores hear from people as to why they don't think they have to wear a mask properly.

You should be thankful that there are people willing to work in retail and risk their health by coming in contact with hundreds of people every day.

Do your part to protect them and wear a mask properly while shopping. No excuse is good enough to put the health of others at risk.

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