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Mernard's has been known to quickly promote inexperienced young individuals to positions of department management. The youth and inexperience of these department managers combined with a very competitive career oriented atmosphere encourages needless gossip, back biting, and fault finding.

Hard working dependable employee's have been known to be nit picked, criticized, and De-valued by these over zealous department managers despite an employee's proven dependable work record. This may be a contributing cause to a high employee turn over.

These inexperienced department manager's don't understand that Micro-managing and intimidating employee's isn't a productive way to motivate the employee's that they manage. Their mis- management skills cause the very opposite effect, and cause a good caring employee to be unhappy in their work environment.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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So, work somewhere else.


I left because my department manager was scheduling me 70 hours a week while he scheduled himself 48. And that meant i was working 39-40 hours in a weekend.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 40 hours total. And i would usually get off around midnight on Saturday and had to be back in by 7 am on Sunday. They actually thought i would put up with that after 30+ years in retail. I could write a book on the BS they pulled on me in the 8 months i worked for them.

14 hour days with one half hour lunch break was the norm. Never was given the chance to take any other breaks in 8 months.

to Anonymous #1445334

Their break policies are odd. You'll get written up for taking a 29 minute lunch (rather than the "required" 30 minutes) but if you don't get the "required" 30 minute lunch break and don't punch out nothing is said.


Couldn't agree more. I left after getting tired of managers that couldn't figure out that their people needed lunch breaks.

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