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I've been a Menard's customer for over 20+ years and have never faced such an embarasing situation till today. My wife and I went to Menards with the intention to buy a patio swing and found one that we both liked and after contacting one of the store workers about the item we decided to purchase it.

After about 40 min the worker showed up with the swing in a box but since the box had some serious external damage I asked him to get us one without this issue. The worker left and never returned and subsequently I talked to the manager. He stated that he was going to take care of the issue and me and my wife waited and waited for at list another fifteen min. We decided to leave the store without the item and while we were in the parking lot I identified the worker that never got back to us and asked him why he never bother to return with the item or at list explain to us the reason for the lack of service and to our surprise he got mad at me and went into the store.

The store manager (Matt Gutzman) and his assistant (Jonathan Wojdula)came up to me andpretty much told me that if I wasn't happy with their services to leave their store and never return. At that time I wished I could go back in time at list twenty years and never put a foot at Menards.

Thank God there is other stores like Home Depot and Lowes otherwise we would all be dealing with this kind of treatment for ever. Thanks for showing your true face Menards because me and people I know will keep that in mind.

Monetary Loss: $289.

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I agree with you....Menards is very lacking in costumer service.

I purchased hundreds of dollars of items from them and the cashier 'forgot' to put one of my bags in my cart.

Of course I was already working on my project when I went to get the hole cutter for my door and couldn't find it.

So I called the store to see if the bag was there....Why yes it was.

I had to stop what I was doing and drive 20mins back into the store to retrieve the bag.

There was NO APPOLOGY much less X % of the next purchase or anything for not putting the bag in the cart or nothing. If there was a Lowes or Home Depot closer I would never us Menards again.

@Tired of lack of service 4 1

Menards employees are not responsible for putting your bags in your cart. It is a self bagging system.


A Menard's opened in our community in 2006. I am always amazed at the lack of customer service displayed by their sales associates.

I was actually one of their "original" full-time" associates back when the store opened; I quit after 2 months because of the complete and blatant disregard my co-workers displayed regarding "service". My experience working for Menard's cut-to-the-bone because, I was raised in a family business, and it was ALL about the customers. They hire alot of young tech kids here, and their priority has nothing to do with being tentative and involved with the customers, but more about 3 or 4 hangong out at the computer desk areas in their departments. I pray regularly to the "retail gods" and ask that one day a Home Depot or Lowe's will build across the street from the Menard's.

I do not believe there is a worse run business in the whole town; if there is I must visit it to see for myself. :( :( Mark on Alexandria,MN)


A. The likelihood that you waited this long is non-existent.


You confronted the team member during his lunch break and more than likely started yelling and screaming. Hence the reason why the GM told you to get loss.

You cannot harass a team member on their private time.

C. Go tell your friends, oh how will a multi-billion dollar company ever continue on without you...


How can you post this as a $289 monetary loss? You never say you paid for the swing and didn't get it. If you didn't pay for it you did not have a monetary loss.


My guess is that we are not hearing the whole story here. I doubt that the store managers would have told you not to come back unless you got threatening to the person in the parking lot who was probably a carry out.

I'd also be willing to bet your times waiting were not as long as you stated. The attitude you exhibit in this letter tells me you would have never waited 40 minutes for the item in the first place.


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"I've been a Menard's customer for over 20+ years and have never faced such an embarasing situation till today." One problem in 20+ years and you wonder how Menards survives? Are you that dumb?

20+ years of no problems and one thing happens and it's the end of the world. You're exactly the problem with working retail. You just don't get it.

You think you're owed everything. 20+ Years of service doesn't matter, all that matters is one bad experience that you fully didn't understand to begin with.


It's very unlikely that you waited around for the amount of time you claim. Nobody has that type of patience.

From personal experience I know for a fact your exaggerating that point. It may have felt like that much time, but I can assure you it was no longer than 30 minutes tops. I'm also sure from personal experience you were part of the problem. You were probably being rude to him and the managers.

In most cases managers will do whatever it takes to keep you happy, unless you're being a total tool and cannot see reason. You should check out Home Depot and Lowes on here they have just as many complaints, Lowes has double what Menards does.... Pulling patio furniture is far from easy! Often it is staked 8+ feet in the air comes in banged up boxes and caked in dirt!

That's why you save big money at Menards. I can assure you would have appreciated that team member more if you had to deal with what he does on a daily basis's.

If you came across him in the parking lot he was probably a carry out and that wouldn't be his job to begin with. The hardware sale associates take care of the patio furniture not carry outs.


Maybe that kid is a pile and a terrible employee. I don't know if I would stop shopping at a place with 270 stores and 200 employees per store because one kid was bad. It doesn't look good for Menards either that the storemanagers acted that way, but if you were upset and out of line I could see them saying those things to you


I am not excusing the team member of leaving without coming back....HOWEVER, there is more to this than you are telling. My guess is you saw this person in the parking lot and started acting a fool, cussing, swearing and threatening them.

If you would have simply asked, "why he never bother to return with the item or at list explain to us the reason for the lack of service" you would not have been asked to leave and not come back.

So the moral of this story is 2 wrongs don't make a right!