Decatur, Illinois

I purchased a Richmond 40 gallon Power Vent Hot Water Heater on 10/24/2010 - and also purchased the Hot Water Heater plan. We have been having issues with our Hot Water heater - and tried to call about a month ago to file a claim to have someone come out and take a look at the unit.

I tried calling the number listed on the paperwork: 866-505-4795 and was told that they didn't start handling water heater plans until 11/1/2010. They gave me another number to call for the Warranty Group: 800-526-0671. They told me that they handled all plans except for water heaters - and gave me the 866 number I had already called.

I proceeded to call the 866 number back and was given the run-around again. I informed the person I was working with what information I was given from the Warranty Group. Whomever I was working with filed the claim and gave me the job number of LJ03152013765.

About a 2 days after the technician (Twaddle Plumbing - 217-430-1881) came out (they said they found no problem) - we started having the same problem again. I tried calling the plumber back, and 3 weeks later was able to reach them. They told me that they had to receive authorization to come back out.

I tried calling the 866 number back, but they gave me the same story as before. Instead they gave me 2 other numbers to try (800-621-2130 (they only handle auto warranties) and 866-386-2468 (they only handle home-owner warranties and I couldn't get through the menu)). After getting nowhere with those numbers, I finally tried calling the Quincy, IL store where the unit was purchased.

They gave me 2 MORE numbers to call - 800-621-5622 (they don't do extended warranties) and 800-432-8373. I had to email my paperwork to the 2nd number on Monday 4/22 and was called back today on Wed 4/24 and informed that they had never handled a warranty claim for Menards (the person who called back said he had never heard of the store before), but was told that in order to file the claim, he would need the documentation stating that Menards sold the warranty to GE.

At this point - I want the name of someone who is going to come out to fix the water heater - or I will be taking the water heater back with the expectation I will be getting a full refund and will purchase another unit elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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I purchased a Richmond also, the unit would not light right out of the box. I also called these same people, what a joke!

Don't buy Richmond heaters, they are non-service people.

When your heater won't deliver hot water you don't want hollow words, and believe me menards will not refund your money, they issue an in store credit. Talk about poor service, I have been there and I am not going back.


First off its just called a Water Heater, not a hot water heater you ***. Why would you heat hot water....moving on from your idiocy.

They do exchanges in the store, ya derp. Just walk in and get a new one.


I own rentals and when I buy my water heaters from menards they usually come with a 6, 9, or 12 year warranty WITHOUT the extended warranty stuff. So since you are still covered (it hasn't even been 6 years which I think is the lowest it goes) you should be able to take the whole unit back to the store where you got it (bring in your receipt!) and just get a new one.

@Water Heaters

Those first 6, 9 and 12 years are through the manufacturer. So he was right to contact the manufacturer, the extended warranties are through Menards..after the manufacturer's warranty is up. So no he cannot take a 3 year old water heater back, and simply get a new one.


You take the hot water heater.. you go to the store where you bought it, you exchange the water heater...

they take the tag off of the old one and transfer it to the new one.

The warranty transfers. (this is common practice)

The extended warranty is through menards, talk to the store manager, not the front end manager.