Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

Purchased hot water heater from menards in Fridley, MN in 2015 . My sons picked it up for me & carried it down to the lower level, .

The box was in perfect shape, we cut along the bottom and lifted it up over the hot water heater. We noticed a good sized dented in area in the side of the hot water heater. Called Menards & they said we could bring it back and get a different one

but that was the last one in their store so they could check other stores. My sons work full time & they already spent enough time.

A heavy hot water heater isn't the easiest thing to just pick up and return like a screwdriver or something. I was told if it had been delivered by them or so called a company they use they would bring it back. Asked for some money off due to the damage and they said, no". So I set up a delivery of another one at a cost of about 75.00 or so.

Then I was suppose to receive paper work to sumit to the manufacturer to reimburse me for my delivery charge. Well the paperwork was never received.

I'm tired of all their *********.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $75.

Menards Cons: Customer service, He lied, Product broke.

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Purchased a new water heater from Menards in Cambridge, MN late September 2019. Box looked fine externally, otherwise I would have had them open the box to look for damage before loading it in my truck.

Sucky part about that is, you no longer have a sturdy box for transport. Very disappointed to find large dents top and bottom when I got home and opened the box. Even more disappointing to find Menards will take it back, all I have to do is pay a 25% "restocking fee". Seriously?

Seriously BS. Not happening. A google search shows this is actually quite common, apparently happens with all brands, purchased from big box stores or plumbing supply companies etc. WHY?

How hard would it be to use 1" of polystyrene foam inside the box? Then again, I'm not sure even that would have helped as it looks to have been dropped or fell 3' minimum or had something fall on it from at least 3'. I really don't care who is to blame, Rheem, the transport company or Menards.

Oh well, lesson learned. Can't boycott the unknown trucking company, but I will never purchase Rheem brand again and Menards is easy to avoid being my 3rd choice behind (WAY behind) Home Depot and Lowes.


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Menards seemed to have no problem exchanging the water heater for you, just as they would have exchanged a coffee maker with a dent in it. Either one would have been picked up at the store and could have been brought back as well.

It is unfortunate that a water heater is bigger and bulkier but they had no more of an idea that it was dented than you did. They can return it to the manufacturer for credit, why do you expect them to to take a loss just because you don't want to bring it back?


Well Mr. or Mrs.

Anonymous, here might be a reason to expect the company to take care of the problem. 1.) When we purchase a new item, it should be expected to be - LIKE NEW! Otherwise, it should be in the scratch and dent bin at a cheaper price. 2.) It is the company's responsibility to re-coop their expenses for doing business from the supplier, not the consumer.

If the supplier refuses to reimburse the retailer, the retailer either accepts the loss as cost of doing business, or they get themselves a new supplier.

3.) Likewise, the consumer has the same choice. So, if you expect to stay in business, you make sure you keep satisfied customers.