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Working at Menards has been by far the WORST experience i've dealt with. First off, the TRAINING SUCKS.

You will have to learn your department on your OWN because NO ONE is going to teach you. When customers come up to ask you questions, be ready to say "I don't know." Also, the HEAD CASHIERS are egotistical maniacs. There was one head cashier who even said, "I have a radio attached to me, I am obviously a higher power...don't be rude to me." REALITY CHECK!!! You are not more important than anyone here.

They definitely show FAVORITISM TOO! They wear a look on their face that says "I HATE YOU DONT TALK TO ME" if you're not white. When you ring your bell for help at the cash registers, it's like they are ready to smack you. In all honestly, HEAD CASHIERS ARE LAZY!

Absolutely NOT FRIENDLY. I've had situations where one head cashier laughed at me to other co-workers. YES, they were making FUN OF ME. I should have slapped her.

On top of that, the customers consist of 95% of CRABBY OLD MEN. The other 5% are CRAZY WOMEN who cry over not getting a penny off their rug or countless numbers of chips/candy bars.

Cry me a river. If you like counting numerous amounts of lumber, lifting heavy objects for yourself because the CUSTOMERS (mostly men) ARE LAZY to help you lift, and you like dealing with co-workers who play favorites and make fun of you, THIS IS THE JOB FOR YOU :)

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yeah menards does suck to work at i have just helped them open a new store and everyone treats you like *** i was told that i should go up to one of the head cashiers and titie *** her and blow my nut in her face for a 12 pack by my manager also the head cashier was a very nice girl but people made fun of here behinde her back because she is fat


Don't judge all the stores by the one you worked at. I worked as a cashier in a Menards for over a year and was happy with the job.

Yeah, the training for cashiers about other department sucks, but every job has some things you need to learn on your own and there's ALWAYS someone else you can direct questions to. I'm willing to bet what that head cashier said to you about the radio was supposed to be a joke. You don't make a career out of working at Menards if you have perfect social skills. The crabby(inconsiderate and lazy too) customers are easily the worst part, but that's not the companies fault.

The racism... not something I saw in my store (and I would have noticed) so I can't really comment on that.


I'm sure she isnt that ***. People KNOW whether or not something is a COMPLETE JOKE or is just being rude. I'm sure they were making fun of her.


I agree with you that Menards is the worst place to work. First, you have to pay for your own vest or apron that they require you to wear.

Absolutely ridiculous!! I was hired as a stocker and was given absolutely no training whatsoever! My "trainer" says to put the stock away that is sitting on the carts. The carts are stacked so high that you cannot see what boxes, etc., are on the top of the cart.

I pulled down a small box, not knowing that another small box is taped to the bottom of the first box. The box contained 5 very heavy vises. The box flipped over and landed in my face!! My nose received a nasty gash and all that was said was "what's the matter with your nose?" I told them what happened and their response was "Oh".

No medical care, not even a band-aid! I was expected to know where everything should be stocked immediately (*** of a lot of *** in the hardware department since it covers half the store)and was told I should not be going down an aisle more than once to stock (Work smarter, not harder). I said "I just started work here yesterday, I haven't learned where everything goes yet!). Not good enough, only one trip down the aisle!

And yet, I emptied two carts to everyone else's one cart. They can take their "Work smarter, not harder" quote and stick it up their *** because I would never, never, never work at any Menards store again!!


This post is almost 100% accurate. I would say its 75% crabby old men and 20% crazy women then 5% decent people. You're also spot on of management.


Haha. Wow.

Maybe the employers at this Menards should get some *** more often. Maybe they wouldn't be as anal :grin :grin



If that's how they're treating you, let alone, they are RACIST..........efff this job.

I've been to the one in Maplewood, MN and let me tell you......everyone there is SO FAKE. You can see their fakeness drip out of their eye sockets


It was probably a horrible place to work because you have such a *** attitude. Someone cracks a joke, and your first reaction is assault?

You're hired to help lift things, but actually doing so for the customer makes the customer lazy?

Please get an attitude check before getting a job anywhere else. You'll only cost the unlucky company you trick into hiring you a lot of money to put you through the hiring process only for you to quit because you think you shouldn't have to do anything, apparently.


Um "READER" please. I'm sure the job sucked for her because the MENARDS SUCKS IN GENERAL.

Read my name and suck a fat one!!!!!! If I worked here and people made fun of me I would feel uncomfortable too.

Show me a picture of yourself so i can joke about YOUR face. Lets see how positive your attitude will be :grin


Hope you aren't working there anymore. I'd hate to have a cashier who thinks so poorly of her customers.


All cashiers eventually hate or at least resent customers, no matter what they think of the company they work for.