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We bought Couch, Love Seat and recliner and we havent had it 2 years and its still under warranty and its peeling everywhere on each piece and it looks horrible and of course the warranty doesnt cover this - we dont even use our furniture alot and it looks like its 20 years old, the salesman told us the warranty would cover anything and everything but of course it doesnt so that was money wasted as well as the two thousand we spent on the furniture thinking it would last 10+ years and it didnt even last two lightly used years, looks good new but HORRIBLE QUALITY and HORRIBLE WARRANTY, we are closing our Menards card and will not ever go back there

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Franden Durablend Leather Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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3 pieces of furniture for $2000.00 is incredibly cheap, cheap. Do you really think this kind of stuff would last 10 years???

Do you look in the paper at ads for regular furniture places where a good, serious couch ( the kind of stuff that does lst 10 years) costs $4,000? Menards, Ashley Furnituee and all these places where you can buy 2-3-4 pieces for a bargain price are pressed particle board, stuffing that goes flat in 7 months, coloured varnishes to make cheap pine look like oak, cherry, walnut, whatever.

Yes, to us it is a lot of money but it is still cheap furniture. it does not matter what the saleman SAID.

They will tell you anything to make a sale. what matters is what is in black and white on the warranty. if their cheap varnish is peeling they will of course either not cover it because they know it does this or they will say it is your fault, or polish you use or who knows.

closing the card does nothing, finding out from the better busniess bureau, a lawyer, corporate Menard headqurters, posting his issue on "Yelp" and other apps where people actually do read and do care is wht impacts busnesses. not these weird little archaic websites, or ranting to 3 people


do you have it in writing that the salesman said peeling or your exact problem is covered, as you say? does your warranty SAY this problem is covered under warranty?

if so then its under warranty and complaining here i stead of calling lawyer is kind of *** if menards is refusing to honor a good warranty, which is legal contract. on the flipside, you would hve to prove this issue is NOT due to you spilling stuff on the couch causing it to peel, you didnt scratch it or pets didnt thereby ruining the wood coating and opening it it peel, etc. i mean...what is it with people throwing these childish hissy fits bout wverything instead of dealing with a problem like rational thinking adults? if you have a warranty then this is covered or its not.

if you think it is take lots of photos of the damage from every possible angle, write a calm mature letter detailing the problem so you hve a paper trail and IF it is all under warranty it should be repalced. if the menards you bought it at wont do it, look up the # of the corporate office and call them. if they can prove you somehow damaged it they dont hve to replace it, which will be stated in the warranty. if you really think its defective and under warranty and they wont even discuss it, TAKE pictures and sue them.

this is how its done. not throwing fits online.

this goes for the last 3,745 complaibts ive read here. dont people try to figure out problems or even think they just hve to find solutions, compromiises or learn how to research anymore?


So, once again, like so many people, you make a poor decision and blame someone else. How, in any way, shape, or form is this situation Menards fault?

YOU decided to purchase the furniture. YOU didn't check the war rent. By the way, what warranty covers normal wear and tear? Which is exactly what you've described.

Why do you think that never using your Menards card hurts Menards in any way?

Capitol One, the owners of the card, might miss the interest you pay, but never using it again doesn't hurt Menards any more than you never using a Visa there again. You, sir or ma'am, are an ignorant ***, like so many of your fellow citizens.


6 words - you get what you pay for - you paid for cheap *** furniture you get cheap *** furniture

It does suck that so many products sold today are made so cheap that you have to search high and low to find decent stuff that will actually last.


I have found that most, if not all furniture sold at these big box stores is of rather bad quality and reliability. But, this is the state of the trade today, even with furniture made in this country---cheaply-made to not last.

A sign of the times. By the way, the profit margin in furniture is very high for these stores.