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Bought a grill in may sent in the mail in rebate the next day and finally got tired of waiting for my rebate so messaged about it September 28th. Got told my rebate was mailed June 12th but wasn’t ever used so they would cancel that rebate and send another.

Well a few days later I received my rebate and went to the store today to use it and it was the one from June that was cancelled! Seems kind of weird after 4 months I call and complain and a few days later the one they supposedly sent 4 months ago shows up. Unless they walked it from the other side of the US and dropped it in my mail box there’s no way it actually got mailed in June. What more than likely happened was they just sent the rebate when I called and complained and now I’ll likely have to call and complain in another 4 months I guess.

Do right by your customers and mail the rebates in a timely fashion and not 4 months later after someone complains! Ridiculous to expect customers to wait this long for a rebate and to top it off the nearest Menards is 45 minutes away so I drove an hour and a half there and back for no reason because they wouldn’t honor my 4 month old rebate!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Rebate.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Home depot has the best quality followed by lowes menards is third best says all the contractors aswell as common sense you get what you pay for


Funny the same menards *** keeps defending that pos store were its all cheaply made junk i wonder if menards pays him i dont shop there the stuffs low quality


Menards here keeps broken garden stuff on the shelf especially statuary shopping carts regularly blow into cars the employees sit on the cushions half the time usually its the same 3 men not helping as the women do everything alot of the stuff is cheap junk bought grass shears 2 times both fell apart in my hands bought similar shears at the dollar general for half the price and they didnt break maybe its just this menards but the place sucks


I always get mine in a timely manner. Did you ever think it may have been delayed at the post office in some way? Once had a check I mailed to the kids orthodontist take 6 months to get there.


Or maybe, just maybe, the customer is right here & Menards screwed up. Why does everyone on this site always blame the customer as if Menards couldn't possibly be at fault?