I was checking out at a menards store after shopping over 30 minutes in the store....I have a medical certificate from my dr as out not wearing a mask...the cashier was trained to not check anyone out without a mask, I asked to buy one, the front end manager came out and refused to check me out, I tried handing my money to my friend and they wouldn’t let her pay either, if took over 15 minutes and tons of insults from “Jody” before I could buy a mask, pay and leave, then when I contacted the main manger he was very unapologetic...I am a Spanish lady, and this woman I believe was racist, when I said that I was Spanish, she said you don’t look Spanish to me...what exactly does Spanish look like? Where is the customer service?

I have spent over $900 there during and through Covid and was never treated that poorly. The management and staff need a class on customary service and I am filing a complaint wirh a public agency for her being racist

User's recommendation: Stay out that store in Massillon.

Location: Strasburg, Ohio

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Do you want the situation addressed, or to alert someone? Or do you just want to make a fuss?

Is the complaint the point? Or is complaining the point?


What you have spent in the past doesn’t matter. You entered without a mask.

You got what you deserved! Drop the racism bs also!


Why did you ignore the signs at their entrance saying masks are required. Why can't you understand that they don't want you in their store potentially spreading the virus?

Having some kind of a "medical" excuse doesn't prevent you from spreading the virus should you have it. Find another method of shopping if you don't want to wear a mask for the short time you would be in a store.

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