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I recently placed a $2000 order for casing and interior doors. I waited almost 3 weeks for the casing to be delivered to the Portage store.

I was not told that this order was going to be outsourced to another company and it would be a three week wait. I am trying to remodel my home so that I may put it up for sale. When the casing finally arrived, they had send the wrong size. I was sent 2 3/4 size instead on 2 1/4 size even though my receipt clearly stated 2 1/4.

A manager by the name of Shawn Murphy called me and told me about the mistake and said I could either reorder the correct casing and wait again for it to arrive or take what they had sent. I explained to him that the 2 3/4 casing would not fit on some locations around certain doors. He told me no problem have your contractor determine how much 2 1/4 casing I needed and he would "Give" me the amount that I needed to finish the job. It turned out that I needed 12 strips of the 2 1/4 casing.

I returned to the store to get the casing and was told by the assistant store manager Mark Baker that they needed me to bring back the 2 3/4 casing in order to get the 2 1/4 casing from them. My contractor had already cut all the pieces that I received and I do not have complete strips. I was never told that by Shawn Murphy.If I had been told that, I would have instructed my contractor to not cut all of the pieces. I do not have a vehicle to transport 12 feet of casing I have to PAY my contractor to go pick it up.

This mistake was not mine and when I tried to explain that to Mark the manager he told me that Menards did not make the mistake, it was made by a company that they get supplies from. The general public would have no idea that they were not getting their purchase from Menards and how unprofessional is it to pass the buck to a company you use. He said I should be happy that I got more expensive casing for a cheaper price. I didnt want 2 3/4 casing!

I knew that it wouldnt fit certain areas of my home but I took it because I couldnt wait another 3 weeks for it to be re-shipped. I told Mark, fine, compensate me in some way, I will pay for 8 strips and you give me 4 for free for all the trouble I had been through and the additional cost that I am going to incur by having to have my contractor come back out to pick it up. The casing retails for $10.99 a strip which would be compensation of $44. (Probably $10-$15 of actual loss for the store.

He blatantly refused and was rude in the process. I am a district manager that supervises 6 restaurants and over 600 employees. We compensate people when we make mistakes simply because its good customer service. We dont ask them to bring food back when we are at fault.

I understand there is a cost difference between food and casing that is why I offered to purchase the majority of it myself. This location not only lost an additional sale but they also lost a future customer. I have a deck rebuild about to take place and I was going to purchase all materials from Menards. Lowes across the street will now get my business.

I will also make it a point to tell my story to all of my 600 employees and as many of my 1200 customers that I service on a daily basis. After this email I am searching as many websites that I may share my story on as well. Shame on manager Mark Baker and the Portage location!

For a very small amount of compensation he could have had an addtional $2000-$3000 worth of sales and not be bad mouthed to mass amounts of Menards customers.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hundreds of thousands of products and you expect menards to have them all in some fantasy storage building... Your contract had an estimated delivery date.

Why didn't you ask why it takes so long? They would've told you before you bought it.


Google the definition of a retail business. Nothing is made by Menards Inc. Nothing.