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Menard's Wyoming location is crooked as lightning. They sent me the wrong material twice and lied about the 11% rebate.

They will not help you even if it was their mistake on the rebate. If you live out of state I highly recommend you stick with Lowe's or Home Depot. They will be out of business soon with this corrupt business practice. The mistakes made were horrendous and the management team is PATHETIC.

Absolutely no intentions of helping you once you pay them. The store GM is a complete corporate puppet with little or no spine.

The management will offer no acceptance to their employee mistakes and the customer experience is not even a consideration. I thought I was saving money but I am not and my garage took an extra 3 months to finish due to the wrong material being sent to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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What do you mean by sending the wrong materials. Did they ship something other than what was on your order?

Were you expecting something other than what you ordered? Did the materials not meet code in your state? Be more specific so people can understand what your complaint is. Why are you complaining about the store manager?

Companies have policies and expect their managers to enforce them.

Would you expect the store manager to go against corporate policy and risk losing their job. I expect that if you were in their position, you'd choose to keep your job as well.