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I do not understand how a company can continue doing business when most of their clients end up being not happy with the way they are treated after issues dealing with poor quality, lousy customer service and a *** set of rules dealing with their refund policy's. The ***'s at the top of the corporate ladder must scour the country for deals on sub standard products to dump on us and when we complain, they then tell us our time for dealing with issues, has expired.

If I have a instore credit, I cannot us it towards my bill payment! They want me to come in and buy more CHEAP *** with it. Managers are working with their ears closed as they allow us to ask questions and vent to them, only to follow the rules from corporate to the T. They have no flexibility to do the right thing, even if they know that they should.

The managers as well as corporate ALWAYS have their answer to your problem, even though it does not make any sense. Counter tops that warp, oh it's how you installed it. Stainless kitchen sinks that flex and twist when you scrub a dish in the bottom or turn on the tap due to being so cheaply made and thin, causing the plastic drain connections to fall off and dump the water onto the chip board cabinets, causing them to flake up and rot. We had to put a permanent caulking/sealer on the treads to keep it together.

Kitchen cabinets that have no quality, so we end up replacing a 2 year old set with another set from a different supplier. Hot water on-demand system listed form residential use only when you go to have it hooked up, the electrician says that you do not have enough hydro to run it and that it is a commercial unit. When we took it back, we lost 40% due to what they called a "restocking" charge. What a sad joke.

On wood products, 2x4's in their piles, I would pick up one that would weigh 1/3 of the next one. Both looked the same, neither looked wet, but one was inferior and was being sold to an unsuspecting consumer.

In short. Please avoid the hassles of dealing with this very poor company and their mis fit products and management employees.

The poor working stiffs that are employed there, usually find anything better and move on pretty quick. That is why they always have their help wanted signs out.

Your hard earned money, even your not so hard earned money would be better spent elsewhere. And your health will be better due to not having excess STRESS dealing with all of their ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Just complete ignorance from start to finish. I think the other two got most of it but I wanted to just add in my two cents....You were offered options correct?

And you went with the cheap ones because you did not understand the value to cost ratio for each of these different projects, correct? Not everything is created equal; price differences aren't just made up. Also a 2x4s structural rating is not determined by the weight of the product. Weight is actually one of the few things that is irrelevant.

Don't believe me? What are trusses typically made out of?

2x4s..? Not 2x6s or 2x8s because it is irrelevant to the structural integrity of the board.


You're clueless. You cannot use in-store credit towards your card payment because the card is owned and operated by a specific bank.

The only thing a retailer gains by having a store card is providing the customer another way to exclusively buy their stuff besides using cash that they may or may not have. Restocking fees are not exclusive to Menards, many retailers have restocking fees! You did not originally pay for shipping and handling because it was delivered to the store. When you go and try to return a special order product MENARDS LOSES ALL THE COST ASSOCIATED WITH SHIPPING AND HANDLING.

They also need to either send back the item which cost more money or let it sit on a shelf taking up wanted space forever. Restocking fees are a way to recover the shipping and handling cost if a product is returned. Educated consumers are aware of such possibilities when placing special orders and know to double check with the store before hand. STOP BUYING THE CHEAPEST JUNK!

If you want quality you need to pay for quality. The only reason Menards is always looking for workers is because they don't take care of their employees.

They let them get bullied by clueless people like yourself over and day after day. If Menards started putting their workers first and customers second they would have zero issues with retaining good employees.


Menards is no different than any other store. You get what you pay for.

If you buy their lowest priced sink it will be a shallow sink with thin steel. Pay more and you get a deeper sink with thicker steel. You should have looked at the specs for water flow, heat gain, gas flow requirements...etc. before you bought the water heater.

Most companies have policies and expect their employees including management to follow them. If you don''t like the policies don't shop there.

You will find many people don't think Menards is such a bad place to shop. Go to a Menards store with a Lowes and a Home Depot within sight of the parking lot and you will find far more cars in the Menards lot than the other two.