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Exchange, Refund and Cancellation Policy

I went to the O'fallon Menards today to pick up a garbage disposal. When I returned home with the appliance I realized that I had grabbed the wrong model.

I took the garbage disposal back to Menards hoping to find the correct model. When I walked in with my 2 year old and 6 year old in tow, the service desk was somewhat busy. I tried to catch an employee's eye to see if I could just run back and get the model I needed to make the exchange. I could not catch their eye and at that point my 6 year old said he had to use the restroom.

The disposal I already purchased was in the cart and I thought I would grab the correct model real quick, cruise by the restroom and then back to the service desk to exchange. When we got to the area where the disposals were located a very nice and helpful employee helped me look to see if the correct model was there. He saw the disposal in my cart and I explained I grabbed the wrong model and he was very nice and didn't say anything about needing a sticker or anything on the already purchased garbage disposal. I took my 6 year old to the restroom and then headed to the service desk to make the return.

As soon as I walked up to the service desk and said I needed to make a return, the employee looked at me skeptically and said "Where did you come in the store?" I was kind of confused and pointed to the door right behind me and she said "Did you walk past this desk?" I said yes and started to explain that I had a receipt and had originally just wanted to make an exchange and the employee began to explain in a VERY condescending tone that in the future I needed to make sure I stopped at the service desk and got a sticker for the item I wanted to exchange. I told her I did stop but they were busy and my son had to use the restroom. She proceeded to keep going with her condescending tone and said "Well I'll do it this time but if you don't want any trouble in the future you need to follow procedure". At this point I was getting frustrated because I could read her accusatory undertone and I had done nothing to deserve this tone.

First of all, I saw no "procedure" listed at the service desk. Secondly, no one would even look my way when I came in and was standing waiting for assistance,and last, but not least, I had a receipt that would match exactly to the exact product I needed to return. She made a production of having to call to some "manager" and see if it was ok to return the product since I had walked up to the service desk from the store area.

I did not at all appreciate her tone and service and told her I would not be returning to their store for any of my future needs. If you have a procedure you want followed MAYBE you should acknowledge customers when they come in!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Menards Cons: How i was treated.

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This is my favorite store and location! Friendly helpful people and great prices.

There are things that I don't like, but the good out ways the bad. Ive been charged a return fee on something I ordered and returned. I voted for them in the BND as the best store and they won it for a reason. Menards seems to be doing really good.

They probably wouldn't notice if you keep your word and don't go back.

There are different kinds of service. Sounds like this one was somebody doing their job.


Smh people really? Do you want prices to rise?

Is that what you all really want? I didn't think so; it's pretty simple they have to make sure YOU aren't stealing to make sure YOUR prices don't go up. Complaining about it is like complaining about getting carded. Its called following the rules as long as you are following the rules there's no problem but people have a guilty conscience and now it's the end of the world.

Get your head out of you're *** and realize all corporate companies operate exactly the same.

Understand how they work and you can really reap the benefits. Or in Lehman's terms.....Grow up


You sound like a self important, impatient individual. You just didn't want to wait in line like everyone else.

You claim you didn't wait because your son needed to use the restroom.

If that were true you would have taken him to the restroom BEFORE you went looking for the correct disposer. My guess is you got the wrong one in the first place because you didn't take time to look at what you were taking off the shelf.


With Menards very recently entering the St Louis area where Home depot and lowes have been active for decades, one would think Menards would try hard to put their best foot forward to provide the best customer service compared to their big brothers. One would also think with the company just starting out in the area the employees would be new hires and friendly.

unfortunately it sounds like this employee was "imported" from a region where menards has been active for years based on her angry and rude demeanor.

Menards employees have a reputation for behaviors such as playing hide and seek when a customer needs assistance, or in this profiling you as a thief based on no solid proof and where you have your receipt. Next time when your profiled as a thief based on nothing threaten to return everything you have bought recently where is unused and new and threaten to report to friends and family about how Menards respect the people that pay their paychecks.

@Mister Customer

Mister Customer. Your remarks make me think You have either had a bad experience yourself or work for one of Menards competitors.

It's very sad that we live in a society that anight employee that did not see a person bring an item in a store is deemed as rude because they ask the customer questions to help establish where the product came in. Cleary if she called a Manager for approval it was to check video.

It's too bad that their are so many thirds that a business can't trust their customers at their word. I'm sure if they gave you the "great service" you were looking for, they would be out of business in no time at all.

@Mister Customer

I think youre butthurt that Menards is here and probably taking all of your business. If you're the new Lowe's Manager good luck.

Your store is dirty and your people are rude. I worked at the Fairview Lowes.

Leaving was one of the best days of my life. I'm guessing it won't be the same when they fire you.