Saint Louis, Missouri

At the south east Des Moines Menards lumberyard a forklift operator, Carnell ran into the back of my tailgate, I told the yard manager and filled out the paperwork, the next day their insurance handler called and asked for the details and said they would call my in a couple days. A month later I called them back and they said that they are denying the claim as I cant prove that he hit my truck.

I am never going back to another Menards again to buy anything, and will tell everyone that I meet about this incident. I will probably go back to the store and *** them out and yell at every fu##ing employee that I see.

Product or Service Mentioned: Menards Manager.

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I mean you said it yourself....a separate insurance company at that. Lmao absolutely nothing to do with menards.


"I will probably go back to the store and *** them out and yell at every fu##ing employee that I see." Now that we know you're a terrible person... I hope they don't fix your Truck


I don't know that we are seeing the whole story here. Was your truck run into by a forklift in which case your bumper should have been damaged as well or was your truck being loaded?

All too often customers demand their trucks be loaded with a pallet of product heavier than it should be.

The pallet gets set in the truck and then as the fork support is removed the truck springs up and back into the fork. I've seen too many know it all customers ignore the warnings and demand they be loaded anyway.


Yelling at every employee you can see, what a immature attitude. Why give someone a hard time that is minding their own business and had nothing to do with it?

I'm miserable so your going to be too! Typical Menards customer right there.