Dallas, Texas

i was in a menards store 3/3/12 . I went to the lumber area inside, their were six employees standing around, i ask one of them where the liouid nail was, only to find out their was not such a thing so i picked up other things i wanted and thought i would check out the paint dept.

And to my supprise i found "LIQUID NAILS ". SO i went back to the lumber area , showed it to the guy .

His reply was it was in the paint area and they had been out. A carpenter friend bought some their the day before.

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Really? There are thousands of different products at menards and you want them to know every thing about every single one....good luck with that.....they are trained to know about the department they work in


Seriously people, do you really expect employees to know where every single thing in the store is located??(Do you know everything in the dictionary?) You need to ask someone to direct you to the correct person or a manager to help you. (No I DO NOT work at Maynards, but I do work in retail & most of us are more than willing to help) Sorry you had a bad experience at that store.


I have the same problem with Menards, Lowes, and Home Depot. I just wish all these places would be much better at hiring people at minimum wage that knows EVERYTHING about EVERY product in their 200,000 sq ft stores. Especially to know where all these products are located as well.


Hello to Menards world ..same response i have

gotten ,guess its just an easy pass off!! Too bad many people dont want a job to work at theywant a place to hang out and pick up their check sad